Greetings from UK

hey peps ! greetings from UK yo !!
weather here is so damn cold ! but not cold until can die k wtf
i like this place except that it's full of ciggs smell :< uek
ok so long for now, can't update much as i haven really started exploring around.
jet lag wtf !
slept at 6 am uk time. and then didn't sleep soundly but woke up at 9 am T__T
using hte macbook actually, seriously not user friendly lo k.
i think it tries not to be like windows. that's why it's so hard to use right.
but i like its keypad <3
so addictive i jz feel like typing it forever ~~
ok grocery shopping later !
can't afford to eat outside for every meals
dirt cheap if you don't convert to RM la.
taaa ~~


HEY !!! peeps ~ sorry been MIA for a while.
arh haven really updated since i started working aye ?
omg i jz gotta say i'm in love with this company.
The management is nice, cool, fun.
The colleagues are friendly, humble, i think.
and they are so generous !!!
jz came back from company dinner actually. teehee.
they gave away cash voucher and door gift upon arrival !
then got lucky draw ~ u wouldn't believe what i've got !!!!!!
iiiiiiiIIIPOD !! wtf !
i've nv been so lucky one lo, besides getting william to fall in love with me,
this is the 2d luckiest thing i've encounter wtf hahahahahhaha
and europe is awaiting for me, waving at me !!
OMG i'm so so so excited !!!
anyone in europe let's meet up wtf <3
ok ciao


Been missing for a while :> how art thou ?
i must say working is fun !
people in the office are generally nice :)
boss is damn cool...
met a photographing maniac there ! hoping to learn more things from him !!!
and arr..... u can leave whenever the jobs are done !!! damn cool right ?
aw this job is too cool !!
3 weeks away from europe !
any orders girls ?

Another Sunday

Walaoooooo man....
time flies ! and it's now sunday already !!! can you believe it ? no i cannot !
which means... my europe trip is getting nearer !!!!!
so excited i'm gonna faint liao....
ok this trip is kinda gan zeong... becz i don't speak their language. e.g. France.
i sacred i get lost in the cities and cannot find my way back *touchwood* and then noone can help me becz they can't understand me !
i can only say bonjour wtf wtf.
so these weeks have been quite a romantic weekends la... teeheee... not bad kinda lik it when you have some personal moment. <3
but i have weird dreams last night... damn i hate that kinda dreams...
dreaming that my couple friends fought... wtf fought in my dream ! go away already
then i got damn pissed.
ish... dun like ler... i'm already not a happy person, in dream oso i have to get pissed. wtf.
really wanna bug me liddat meh !!!!

so i'm trying to sort out a routine in Italy la... Venice is a must go.
but scared very cold ler wtf.
then i wanna go... Florence, Milan, Rome...
duno got time anot... i think we got lik 5 days in italy.
ish ish ~
hope this trip can be a perfectly planned one.

can't wait for the day that i can actually shout out loud... u know the here i come phrase. teehee ~
miss me peps :>
bcz i miss u all.
ta !


hey peps... ! *waving frantically*
aww i'm so sleepy...
i heart working... it makes me feel lik i've used my brain,
but bcz i've not been using it for a while,
there were few moments where i blanked out abit
and can't seem to understand what people were talking.
ok i believe i will become the world fastest typist.
because this work jz require loads and loads of typing.
kinda enjoy the learning process.
ppl there are generally nice, haven sense any politics jz yet.
*fingers crossed*

so i had a wonderful weekend, went Bird Park to try out photoshooting.
wanna go more more and MORE place to take pics.
but oh well...i gotta say, my skills sucks.
few pics for ur view hehe.
i think it's better not to shop and watch movie only, go and hang around this kinda places. :> it can be fun.

boifren was super lovely kay, willing to bring me there.
sacrifice his nap.
i'm so pampered. <3
mayb going there on every weekend wtf hahahha.

2 updates in a day !

hey yo so in a talking mood but no one to chat with right now.
jz came back from a birthay celebration.
dinner @ Nagomi/Nagoya/Na-whatever
food are nice :)
and quite reasonable !!
eh it's really worth trying ler, with HSBC credit card you can even enjoy a 15% discount for meat muahhaha. i love surprises ~
5 of us dined in only RM142 !!!!!
wow ~ hoho.
they have brances in Jln Yap Kuan Seng, Jaya One and Hartamas shopping center :)
picture later.

i think i made a bright decision not to spill everything
cz it seems that everything is fine today :>
i think often my thought was restrained so that i was thinking in a negative way
when i din really mean it.
well actually, sharing camera is not a bad thing afterall.
u get to capture the beautiful side of a person :)
and heck, that makes me happy too ~
good night


haihz. i know i have repeated this a hundred times.
but i really don't know what am i gonna do with it.
why ppl eat and i also eat. but i would become lik this one.
uber fat ok.
i gained so much weight that noone can ever recognize me T___T fml fml
boifriend has been complaining on me gaining weight ever since.
ok, totally my fault.
gonna lose 5 kgs b4 i go UK.
actually i'm jz praying to god wtf.
jz lemme lose 5 kgs by miracle.


good morning everyone, it's 9.15 am now. a saturday.
well i have to say i'm not an early person.
but whenever there's something stucked in my mind, i can never sleep well.
considering i slept at 3am this morning and wake up at 7am.
that's hell too lil for someone lik me T___T
so everyone should have known about the zero fare promotion from Air Asia right.
Just when everyone is so crazy over it, i'm beginning to have hatred towards them.
So tricky can.
they charged u zero fare but it's on some random shiatty dates,
and then so long more to go, and then and then the worse part is the rate change like the share market value, few minutes ago i was still looking at the rate, and then suddenly i refresh and the rate is NO MORE T___T
damn gan zeong booking for air asia.
so my friend called and suggested we went Langkawi cz apparently there's this zero flight thing and we paid 0 fare.
would u believe if it's only 30 bucks for 2 persons?
i wouldn't lo.
and in fact, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE lo
there's so many hidden charges ok.
tax is cheap nvm, then when u pick seat they charge u, insurance they charge u, luggage they charge u.
so over all minimum pay is still over 50 per person.
some ppl are jz naive.
some ppl jz always sit back and comment, no ideas but alot of opposals.
some ppl can nv bother to be left out.
some ppl only know to think of themselves.
some ppl nv bother to contribute a lil.
some ppl only knows to sit back and get angry.
some ppl jz pissed the hell out of me.

and u know what. i'm no longer the me b4.
i won't tell u everything to your face.
cz i'm so tired.
of needig to apologise and beg for forgiveness.
when apparently both parties oso at fault.
mayb it's jz me who think it that way.
but why oh why some ppl can jz fight and then patch back so easily
........ but it's nv been me.
air asia sucks la.
called to customer service 25 minutes and only operator talking to me.
then when i finally get to a real person, she asked me to leave my detail and call back within 24 hours. wtf.

Confession of a Shopaholics

ok i have sinned.
i bought the canon 1000D. i know i promised to save up.
despite the stage of no income.'
i still spend like i were a millionaire.
but i think it's worth it.
at least i haven regret owning it.
but what i dun really like is, some ppl dun have to spend a single cent, dun have to carry a single minute of the oh so heavy camera...
get to enjoy pretty pics and play with my brand new camera.
they would go like "hey bring along ur camera ba, i'm addicted to it already"
mayb i'm not generous enough to share my everything.
oh, spare me.
i have too many things which i don't like already.

Designers' Brand

so talking about this.
I have been stuffing myself with dramas and food lately.
Gossip girl is one of the it shows that i have been long to watch.
I didn't have any access to it then.
But lately thanks to i get to indulge myself with dramas to pass my meaningless life yay.

*haih this is getting so mafan everytime i have to backspace wtf and cahnge to yay, wtf*

and i'm so surprise that i can name so many bags that the girls used in the show.
and it kinda freak me, because that also mean my instinct is getting out of me.
thank you.
those are all the bags that i can't afford. at least now.
people don't use Gucci nor LV.
I'm not trying to be a hypocrite or something,
but seriously i'm quite sick of everything getting a LV and Gucci on street these days.
go to the mall and u can spot at least 19865845 ppl carrying a LV speedy or neverfull.
worse, some even carry a replica.
gotta respect their courage tho.
i used to tell ppl i would buy a slightly more expensive handbag becz i am fond of their quality.
but now i'm not sure anymore.
i think my chin was higher when i carry a bag that u can name the band and walk into a shop.
hypocrite hypocrite hypocrite.
ok i admit some of the LV and Gucci are nice.
i said i'm sick of ppl getting the same bag doesn't mean i don't like it.
and i might carry one in later days.
who knows.

all the while i think Jimmy Choo is doing a great job on the Cluth/wallet.
his design is young, sophisticated aiya donch know how to describe but it's the way i like it.

Filipa Wallet *drools*
ok la don't care if it's last season's cz i clearly donch know about this
i live in a country with no seasons. hokay.
and MiuMiu
donch worry i'm just DROOLING over them.
i won't have the money to buy them la ok.
they are my motivation to earn.


No it's not about Canon D. i'm not that literate. really.
Lately i don't know why, i become so obsessed with camera.
and it's not just some camera, it's SLR.
not only that, I also have a thing for blackberry.
donch know. i'm living like a millionaire wtf.ok i know control.
i'm doing it now, i'm just saying.
but... oh.... look at this baybeeee.....

hmmmm............. any better suggestion?

i feel like i'm nth

i think right at the beginning...
i'm already a failure.
because i always plan so far.
and the plans never go how i want them to be.


no fancy pictures....
no fancy outings......
my life is so dull
damn it i jz feel lik i wanna die.
i hope i can start everything over again.


so i'm very active in finding jobs again.
reason being, i don't think i'm really that capable to run my own business wtf.
the other day i went for an interview with Citibank.
sigh, another chinese speaking work place.
i wonder if it's all fate.
why do all english ppl get to work with english ppl.
and ppl like me would jz have a cina speaking work place ?
i need someone to enlighten my English ma.
hmm, so talking about the interview, that was actually a sales position.
Internet credit card sales.
haih, sales is not my thing, but they said min is up to 3K a month.
quite tempting but u have to talk till your tongue rots everyday ler.
and with very high risk of getting scolded.
becz you would always annoy the hell out of ppl.
not sure if wanna take that job anot.
it's so far eh. and you know the traffic in KL. being stuck in the traffic jam everyday is not funny.

happy deepavali ppl.
arh those art thing is so nice.
i like the color and the blings.
haihz. kinda regretted to go UK eh.
gotta spent so much there, so i'm now very constraint with the spending,
don;t like :(
it's sales everywhere and i can't buy a thing !!
yer !
YER !!!!!
i hate that feeling when i'm broke.
ok citibank mayb i should go to you wtf.
the reason why i'm updating this blog so often is
yea, firstly damn free.
holiday and my boifrend only knows to sleep !!!! so pissed ar !!!!
he edi slept till 11am today ok. now still sleep.
damn i wan a new boyfriend i mean it ! so sian hokay.
fuck it i'm so annoyed i don't know what exactly i'm pissed of.
i'm very in love with this new keyboard.
it's kinda like a macbook's keyboard for desktop heheh
i like i like i like.
that's why i keep on typing with it. hoho.
other day i tried to connect this keyboard to my lappie and do the typing hahaha
yea i'm so addicted liddat.
very stupid indeed.
ciao ~
watching cloudy with a change of meatballs tonite !
hope it's nice hehhehe.
3D yo !!

Growing up

some people said, hey look groing up is not as scary as it seems to be
well others might say, i don't wanna grow up, studying is honeymoon period in everyone life.
i hate to say this, but i'm beginning to see things as how it is right now.
sorry to say this post would be another gloomy Belle's pattern entry yay.

as time passed by, you get to experience with alot of things, and that lessons that you've learned from there, is a process of growing. it's impossible that you have learned nothing.
there is a saying, there is no story not worth listening.
i cannot agree more.
even i've worked a short while in compumed this kinda stupid company, i learned about how to pick the right boss as well.
learned things about labour law, how to protect yourself from wicked HR.
and most importantly, i started to think about responsibility.
think about what and where i want myself to be.
this process is surely tough, and it ain't easy.
for people like me, i would say i'm well protected, in term of you know, economically.
i never need to worry about money.
not saying i come from a wealthy family, but well i manage to get more than i need.
but today, i think i'm kinda contaminated.
as in, i've become so brand conscious.
i feel like, hey i want to get a bag that people could call it by names, and damn i want to get that designer's brand to wear on.
and that's what is way beyond i could afford. and at age of 23, it would be so shameful to get money from dad already.
i wanna make a wish list. by age of 30 i wish i would be making annual income of well "240000K"
which is after deducting my luxurious expenses e.g make up, skin care, facial, gym, entertainment, traveling, charity, sponsoring parents to trip etc <3

ok so where am i again ?
oh i'm sorry talking about growing up,
i'm very aware that people around are so ambitious.
so ambitious until i feel that they are making friends with purpose.
like, it's not purely friendship thing anymore.
it frighten me, becz i feel lik i'm very innocent kinda ppl.
mayb i'm obsessed with the boundary thing. crap, like if i called my friends for a date, and i'm not suppose to mention anything about money, or business. that's not right.

i'm making this so complicated.
what i was trying to say is, i don't like making friends with a purpose.
and i really don't like people who approach other with purpose.
i'm very extreme is these cases
1. i would be very inferior when you don't wish to friend me, cz i would think i'm so worthless.
2. i would be very disgusted by your attitute when i know you wanna friend me for a purpose.

u know what... i'm really a sensitive person.
i used to be so proud, so proud that i'm right in all senses.
but today i regret so much on who i used to be.
now i jz need to get rid of the damn pounds, and get my social network back to life.

How the Hell

hi, been a while since i last updated yea ?
well, thought for a while and really, there is nth to be updated.
jz some same old crap that u don't wanna hear me brag abt it.
like seriously.
arh ok la, hey
at least i updated more often then the rest. huhuhu.
lik u know michelletehtiffanysohmingziandvernmay
which then reminds me of... how they are being busy wit work wtf.
i'm so screwed !

so cute

arh so cute my new layout <3
hello it's me again !
hahha being quite active lately !
so today Travis Ng went back to UK la, flight at 9 am. i'm gonna see him in 2 months time !
so excited hahaha.
teehee not excited cz i'm gonna see him again, but the trip with ze boifriend ! arh ~
romance here i come.
i told him let's get married in France.
loser, i think this is the n times i proposed to him already.
yea i'm so shameless liddat. yay.
really need to save up for the trip.
arh talking abt the e-shop, i'm all geared up, but can't launch it yet
becz i have totally no idea how to use that bloody photoshop ouch !
feeling damn noob
trial and error hor, liddat oso doesn't work and it's killing me now !

so i've jz celebrated my 23rd birthday :)
with my beloved friends.
i feel very insignificant to my family cz they nv celebrate birthday for me T____T
thanks to lao ma, chiad, ck, huey syg. they really shined my birthday.
and of cz my dearest bunch of lengs ~ Tiffuhni Sorh, Zizizi, Michelle the zyenn, Vern.
muuah ~ loveeeeeeeeee u all
cake is so lovely !!! i like it so much !
and tadaaaaaaa
very rare, cz i'm posting up picchas !
oh well mayb not, connection too slow edi.
next time maybe woohoo ~

Missy Nail at One U sucks big time

hi blog, itz me again.
wanted to blog this and warn everyone not to go there.
so talking abt manicure and pedicure, it has been long that i haven have my fingers and toes done pretty pretty, and i suddenly felt like it. so the boifriend and i randomly went one u and walked in to Missy Nail. the girls were sitting there chatting and no clients were seen when i got in. then i asked if they had free slot to do mani and pedi they looked very reluctant.
like, u wan do then do dun wan den bye that kinda face yay.
the pedi girl was pissing me off becz for the many years of experience i have nv been instructed to put my legs here and there.
she was literally pad my legs and point to the sink, or to the towel. pad and point. pad and point. apply lotion SIMPLY apply no rub no massage.
wtf. i know i know. but this is so annoying i cannot refrain from using wtf wtf wtf !
super lan si her tone !
name tag there written JANICE.
be warned.
and then it was my mani, which was done by another girl, and she cut my nail bed, and it bleed. ehem. sharp pain i felt.
then she said oh ur skin very thin.
for so many times, this was the 1st time i was cut and bleed ! wtf
so conclusion,
donch go.


i jz realized i donch know how to make a new post via the new layout T______T
ish, i think i'm super low tech and should jz die in front of the computer yay (refering to my previous post, imma change all the wtfs to yays)
so how is everyone doing lately, it's alright u can ignore this question my social network is so narrow i beleive i have met my whole world last night at soul out yay.
i realize that my English is so deteriorated and it scared the hell out of me so today i decided to write up something in English, hence this post is up. yay.
hmm let's see what could be the content of this lame post
maybe i'll talk abt how to start own business yay ?
i'm becoming a entrepreneur wei
and i'm so stressed and scared. it's not even funny.
imagine the stress.
it's not jz sitting for an exam.
we're talking abt a business, woosh. anyway i still think i'm too green for this, with no experience.
only 4 limbs one fat body and an almost empty brain.
what can i do big ?
zong zi it's not easy.
and the interior designer is seriously making BIG money i tell u.
come to think of it, mayb i should jz use that amount of money and get some interior designing cert, then i'll make it big yay.
arh, lately so many ppl getting married.
i wan oso.
but mainly is becz i donch wanna stay at this place.
sometimes i feel lik i have tones of u know..dark dark secrets.
i jz am not satisfied with my life now.
end of this post.
so what did i say at the beginning of the post ? will be talking abt starting own business right ?


As you can see i have a new layout now yay.
I think from now onwards i should change my wtf to yay or wat-so-ever
it has been almost 2 months that i'm jobless.
feel pretty sad about not having any income.
but i'm planning on doing own business now.
like an e boutique duh.
so ppl who love me, support support k.

With Love,

Office Hour- Balling boring geddit ? geddit ?

Not sure if I can access to blogspot in the company. So thought of writing here in Microsoft word 1st.
Working is boring.
Especially you’ve got nothing to do, today is already the 4th day, that I’m without a single thing to do.
Damn ! I wonder why did they hire a ppl for this position.
I wan a better job !
No mood to update already.
So my friends are now on their happy journey, I feel so envious :(
Wanna get my arse there also !
And I need to seriously serious to cut down my weight, I’m so damn over weighted.
Cz I’m eating like a pig in the office, what to do, free ma.
Then when it’s lunch time everyone in the office ajak you for lunch and then you cannot resist the food temptation so you eat a lot and eventually you’ll be expanding, horizontally wtf.
Aiyor ~ I get paid for being bored here !
I don’t like the feeling of not contributing at all wei.
Doing simple task lik the secondary school grad could do

ok so i can update this thing here in company.
i didn't even update for sucha long time and now i have the time to do that here
right in the office
becz i'm so effin bored..........................
oh side note, i wanna apply for a credit card :(

long lost Me

Hi, With refer to the tittle above, i'm writing in to bla bla bla bla.
so this is basically what i do everyday.
HR is seriously a pain in the ass. BORING.
and especially difficult for careless ppl lik me T______T
made MINOR, seriuosly minor mistake everyday.
Let ppl scolded almost everyday.
i'm so doomed !!! wtf. it's double sin when your manager is female and tend to be very emotional.
wanted to look into another kind of job next time.
marketing perhaps.
but presentation is not easy too. gosh.
seriously, the longer i live, i stupider i've become.
the lessons i've learned is do not judge from the cover of books.
i picked the pretty office but it's rotten inside.
SIGH. y oh y oh. god u doesn't love me ?!

i've tasted so many dead cats.
seriously hard for ppl lik me.
cz i fought back 100%, but here in office, i can't.
actually i lik working.
because u get paid and and u're financially independent.
wat i dun lik is, i got REALLY lazy when i got home.
i dozed off twice without brushing teeth wei wtf.
slept at 8 and then woke up at 12 to brush teeth and den went back to sleep till next morning !
wat kind of life is this ?
and my room is uber dirty.
super canot tahan.
urgh !!!!
miss the girls.
Vern May if u're reading this.
i think 4 of us will only reunite when u come back from UK wtf.
take care everyone.
rmb my name is Belle ok. wtf.


today i wake up feeling very lonely.
today i think that life is short why be fat.
today i know i have been judging too much.
today i am nothing and useless as i've always been.


i don't know how to give an appropriate tittle.
but today i'm going to talk about girls stuff, camwhore stuff, ineer stuff wtf. so many stuffs.
since the finding of friendster, it has been a heat thing to upload camwhore picture on the internet and so called sharing with friends, actually it's more than the public.
i think girls are scary creature. i seriously think alot of girls are scary tho they appeared to be harmless and sweet and cute and charming u know. but deep down inside, there were so many things running through their heads. u wouldn't know what they are thinking, or what's the intention behind.
this kind of girls appear everywhere, they were so many until ppl like me, with very small/narrow social network got the opportunity to meet with not one, but a few WTF.
i think it's pretty scary when some girls thought they are, really pretty wtf.
and then they think the whole wide world should go like what they wanted to be jz becz they think they are pretty wtf.
ok it's abit vague, lemme explain with examples la, easier to understand...
hmmm, ok like i'm a demanding girlfriend, becz my bf would jz love me and SHOULD buy me everything becz i'm pretty. something lik that la, it might be a shallow example but wat the heck can't think of any better example.
oh i'm quite impressed by those gfs who suck their bfs' money dry and den do not contribute.

i hope i do not sound like a hypocrite, becz i admit that i spend quite alot of my bf's money especially on food hoho. but u see i contribute too.
it's like we 4 times we eat out there, i would pay for 1 of the meal.
and ar i would pay for the meal if it was me who brag him to being me there.
sound not fair right. but considering he gets 2K a month, and i only have........... 500 WTF.
and he never need to save when buying pressie to me, hence no advance planning.
me ? i need to squeez brian juice to think of things the need and want, and SAVE money from long long time ago.
i always start saving since november until his birthday in March wtf.
but it's all worth it la. i like his exciting look everytime he gets the surprise.
so now i hope this doesn't sound like a self-defense

ok now i don't know why i suddenly drag to this gf bf issue WTF !!!!!

my main point was suppose to be girls who like to camwhore with their cleavage or very sexual promt pose.

haih. but it can't be jz the tittle and then the sentence above and make the entire post right.
i think this blog has truly reveal what kind of person i am. never stay focus kind wtf.

i super cannot tahan girl who purposely take pic and show their bras and all.
cleavage still ok, as a C cup ppl i understand that sometimes our good sisters wanna come out and absorb abit vitamin D from the sun. and it's ok to show cleavage, but it's not ok when u purposely take picture of urself with revealing bras. it's intended
it's not sexy at all ok.
it's indeed VERY SLUTTY.

not gonna post up picture here i believe u can easily find it online, on ppl's blog, friendste, facebook profile etc etc (ahemcindyfromMDGahem)
what's ur intention for putting up picture lik that online? showing to the public ?
expect ppl to say wow sexy ? or attract freak like "oh baby u r so hot can i have sex wit u?"
and den u went to ur guy friend and say "yer got ppl wana have sex wit me"
girls like that jz make me wanna slap them and squeeze their boobs until they burst like u know how u squeeze the balloon so hard and they will burst like that.
okie la.
i'm done.
damn free. hope i can get a well pay job asap.

beware, be cautious, be very afraid

the world is so chaotic now. first it's swine flu, which triggered back in Feb but only taken seriously in April.
now everyone's so afraid, wearing mask when they go out, no longer shake hands becz apparently u can get the germs/virus like that. no hugging. no dining in.
i still not sure what H1N1 is about, only know that it's dead causing virus, symptom is high fever and flu ?
so be careful everyone. wash ur hands, hygiene is very important.
(eh i jz noticed blogspot got MS office feature !!! spelling correction) wuuuuuu

ok, mom jz told me a shocking news, a friend of hers jz got robbed.
she was walking by the roadside after she parked her car at some housing area, and then suddenly blacked out. when she woke up she realized that she had been knocked on the head, fainted on the road side. the left/right side of her body was all scratched, bleeding, head bleeding, probably need stitches... eye swollen. this incident happened very very near my house.
terrible !!!! horrible !!!!
remind me of the snatching incident that i've experienced few years back.
nowhere is safe in Malaysia.
so girls, be very careful.
becz those bastards/jerks/asshole whatever bad names on earth would target on female
becz we r PHYSICALLY weak !!!
dun think u're black belt very geng !! jz be very careful !!
avoid walking by roadside, avoid being alone in public.
train ur lungs, becz u need a bigger lung to scream louder i guess.
sigh. wat the hell is wrong with those ppl !!!!!!!!!
i really hope the government could do something.
besides approving so construction projects that cause bad traffic can.

whoever knows how to pray... pray for the world ok.

very emo Belle.

that's it.

so that's it. i'm done with everything.
don't want anymore interception. pray pray pray everything goes well.
am looking for a job now :(
i really miss the girls. i miss the time when we all get together laughing at each other.
those were the days :(
very free now, stay at home forever (rawang is considered as my 2nd home).
i'm such a boring person !!!! friends working already.
thesis defense didn't go to well i guess.
didn't really present anything. they were asking so much questions and yea, tho i manage to answer, they didn't seem to satisfy with it. wuhuhuhu. i was so nervous until i begin to sweat in air con room, and need to wipe away sweat on my forehead.
that was how nervous i am.
but i can never feel so relieve after the defense. pheeew ~
duno what to work as. very fan !!!!!
officially hunting for a job now, wanted to start on May, duno if it's possible.
awww.... my resume doesn't seem too attractive oso. sigh.
hope Vern enjoys her UK trip, and it seems like everyone is going to UK too hahahha
right, hope they could suggest places to visit to after they came back
as i am also going by the end of the year ! can't wait !!!
only problem now is pounds, the currency seems to be increasing, but alot of rumour saying UK bank is going a really rough time and going to bankrupt anytime soon.
if lik dat the pounds, the money would have become plain paper wei.
so fan.
i find that my entry has never have any proper ending.
today i shall end this post by saying the end. WTF.
the end.


life cannot be happier without college. at least for now. hehe.
thesis due, final's over, upcoming is the defense.
but i can't feel more relieve.
oooh, life.
tmr vern flying to UK, hereby, wish her sun sun lei lei, have a nice and safe trip :)
everyone's doing their own things, and i'm looking for a well paid job
bcz i'm in need of $$$.
arh, life.
overheard some kids' conversation the other day
"the teacher very good one, let us play in her class"
"wa my teacher better lo ! she even allow psp"
wtf ?
ahahhahahhahhahhaha but bring back alot of school time memory...
thinking back of the old times really makes me wanna go back even more.
just when i am about to finish uni, suddenly i miss my girls so much so much.
wish those times we've spent together, the jokes, the class replacements.
the assignments, how we encourage each other and how we look at each others' stress look
how we have small fights over projects.
oooh i just miss those days.
becz it's over, and it would never come back.......
all i can think about now is to maintain the friendship.
hope that we won't change to much, if do, to a better self i hope :)
good luck everyone.

with love :)


i think this should make a really good research topic.
but it's not science.
it's hard, if not impossible to measure, to compare, to make hypothesis, to validate to test the realiabilty so on and so forth.
i might use meta analysis, but that could drive you nuts becauce u will then have no idea of what am i trying to say.
sometimes, i feel that when it's not meant to be then it's not.
i think i'm a creepy creature.
i am made up of money. but seriously, without money, how can one survive right.
even if you wanted to plant vege or feed chicken on your own, you would need money to buy soil, to buy fertiliser and so on right.
now i gotta admit i calculate too much. i'm too calculative, and i'm too busybody.
it's so hard to live a happy life like me.
by chance, i visited a blog of an old friend of mine, we lost contact for years, and we are no longer friends.
and her bf treated her very well i would say.
sometimes i would think, becasue i have the strong urge to see beautiful things
and i can't be with someone whom i do not like their physical appearance... i lost chances.
i let go some guys that i might love to spend my whole life with.
i got togehter wth my current bf becasue i adore his face. i'm serious, i even thick skin enough to be friended him when he had a gf back then.
i duno, i believe in karma one.
i love new experience, i love surprises i love to try out new things and i like people who are innovative and have vision for future.
i duno how come i never met any friends that could become my BFF..
i started to think it's my problem.
no one is perfect i know.
but i believe that some people could just click so well that they can become BFF
when they have arguements they could talk about it not feeling offensive and defensive.
i am so tired in maintaining friendship.
because i feel that when i disclose too much, people tend to step over the boundary
they do not self-reflect. and i hate that feeling.
i begin to dislike them.
because i think they are wrong and i know they can't take opinion.
they would cry and say i'm mean.
that's how i would feel after sometime when i got really close with someone.
thinking back i really didn't have much close girl friends.
i'm sucha failure.
or my perception is wrong....
close friends don't need to disclose that much to each other
i don't know.
i'm so contradicting i'm afraid i'm gonna be crazy someday.
this is a free flow writing so i'm not thinking appropriately, so do not feel offensive i'm not talking about anyone, i'm jz talking about myself.
and seriously, i love the feeling of being pampered too.


omg. i'm. so. DEAD.
HOW COME... i tot he left already ?
sei lor.
i still rmb once i went into his office and had this kinda defense with him for PSY303.
and i DIDN"T understand a single questions he asked.
ok i give up the 5%.
but i'm so gonne stoned there for 20 minutes.
i know ppl here might be thinking what the crap i'm talking about.
yes, it's the ultimate scary thesis defense.
mine is fallen on the 24th of April.
ngam ngam after Tiffany's soh ultimate big day. wuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.
i so wanna cry.
can u pls spare a birthday wish for me huh tiffany soh xiao jie hahahahhahaha.
omg i'm so freaked out !!!!!!!!
and i haven collected back all the questionnaires. ARH.
sei liao. byebye.

your friendly blogger

hello here i am again. bragging about boredom.
hhehehehe in this post. imma not gonna sigh. ok. imma replace with hehe huhu or wuwu. wtf.
becz sigh is not a good word. imma think positively. imma be optimistic.
so boring.
only start running research for thesis tmr.
will it be too late?
oh blame it on ERB ok. i damn scare i can't finish it in time.
i have around one month time.
i need some help.
no, i need alot of help.
to complete my discussion.
those who love me and know how to do, come offer me some help.
sprinkle me wit love wtf.

another pointless post.
can tell i'm plain bored right.
huhu. wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu.


sometimes i really hope ERB consists of all sleepy heads so they won't reject my proposal wtf.
my ERB is being rejected again. bah. but nvm. i've come to a solution.
so it'll be fine !!!!!!! (i hope wtf) arh... wanna cry already.
if it doesn't den i won't be able to complete thesis so whoever it is up there. pls hear my prayer.
emo emo emo emo emo emo emo

sad story aside. and i've got nth else to talk abt SIGH
long time never make up and go out already.
arh !!!!!

Advertorial ?

sigh. no this is not an advertorial post. jz some humble opinions on blog advertising tactics.
seriously, i doubt if it works lo.
i think i might make a good stalker la. cz i do check out blogs alot. like from ppl that i know (no, acutally it's ppl that i'm INTERESTED in) to strangers. i read a lot of blogs and i found it rather funny when i saw the blogger in real life.
like how ar, the feeling very hard to describe, like i've been stalking that person, and he/she doesn't know me. i feel disgusted with myself actually hahahhaha. but damn i'm so bored i jz gotta do it.
so, back to the main point. advertorial.
amang all the blogger, i particularly hate Cindy from MDG season 1.
she is TooOooo vain. e.g. posting up picture of hers in bras. zong ji very vain la.
i dun like it. she's not hot lo, to me la. she's jz a hot chic wannabe. to me la wtf.
am not gonna link her here. becz, i duno how to WTF !!!!!
omg. i'm reeeeeleee low tech lo.
ok so those bloggers took alot of vain pictures and den consider that as advertorial ?
i'm not convinced lo.
they jz low graded the product wtf.
and den they got paid for it. can anyone tell the company that it's not gonna work ?
look at how they write abt the product.
hmm.... so ?
for a few of your bikini pics den i'm gonna buy it so i can be like you already ?
now the economics not good, dun simply pour money lik dat can ?
it's not gonna work.
watever that i've seen in blog advertorial.

on the other hand.
they can blog more abt experience. like some traveling tips, nice cozy restaurants.
and all, that i would read, and i find it A LOT MORE useful and not to say convincing comparing to stupid blog ads that hard sell product like a bloody handphone lo.
so many vain pics ONLY wtf.
sianz can.

ok end of story.

and i'm into business now.
eh i do facial for ppl, i think it's quite cheap la RM30 for one hour PAMPERING treatment wtf.
ok hard sell already.
eh support abit wtf. i got no vain pictures here ok.
thank u the very much.

oh oh oh oh oh, thought of becoming famous blogger right
so firstly i have to have a few criteria
1. look hot- cz gonna have a lot vain pictures
2. miang enough- cz need to pose for vain pictures
3. vain- cz u see the main thing is becoming vain
4. creative- need to think really hard how to be vain
5. crapping- vain not enough must be funny and mean and bitch
6. good in english wtf- so make vain not too obvious and then everyone hates u
7. good with web designing

and i fail for all mention above WTF.
ok la so i decided to blog for boredom only la.
good day everyone.
rmb to do facial ok. WTF i'm so ANNOYING.

18SG: Fuck permission

sorry for the french.
but i really hate it lo. i'm so pissed i've been sending emails to Caryl Rusbult asking for permission to use her questionaire and i get no reply. HOW MANY MONTHS ALREADY WTF.
so now how i have to change to another set of questionaire izit.
my lit review did nice nice edi and now i have to change half of it la izit arh !!! i hate u !!!!!
u ruined my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wtf wtf.
damn pissed.
i really hate erb lo. i will never let myself get into the field of psychology anymore.
pls !!! i swear every night it gives me nightmare lo.
eh nowadays i'm so into blogging i duno why muahhaha perhaps i'm so bored at home and i have nth better to do. lifeless uni student wtf !!! i would be so regret for wasting my youth like that i swear.
this morning i thought of some interesting topic to blog abt one but i forgot what izit.
so nevermind that.

that aside, i think i need a new labtop. laptop ?
wtf !!!! i should have work harder to practice my spelling already damn sad can.
i think it's infected with virus but my expired pc-cilin can't detect the bloody new virus.
whahahha too kiam siap to spend on anti virus.
especially for IE, when i tried to open a new tab, den it would jz close down itself.
poof. just like that.
everyhting that i'm viewing, gone.
damn which ever it is.
arh !!!!!!!!
eh HP had been working with Vivienne Tam (some famous Fashion Designiner) and just launched a new one laptop, small, and it's RED WTF !!!
i think it's a combinition of fashion and gadget something lik that la.
i wan it :(
my labtop is so slow
i think it's daring me to kill it. wtf.
i shall grant your wish someday.


wa i realized that nowadays ppl like to give themselves TWO freaking names so that that would sound cool.
erm erm like....
Susan Ivy Lim Dong Dong wtf.
at my generation, ppl only tried to get one christian name to be cool.
like Christina Lim. If your name is Lim Zing Zing, hmm not cool. Christina Lim, WOW. wtf.
Christina, so what.
Christine Christina only sounds cool wtf !!!!

so i tot of "be-cool-ed" ppl around me.
Tiffany Soh becomes.... Tiffany Tifa Soh WTF AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH
i have a fetish for names that begin with same alphabert. and i duno how to spell alphebert.
someone corrects me thank you so much wtf.
but jz to becooled you, i pseudo name you McDonald McZi wtf wa !!!!!
Michelle erm erm HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH suddenly tot of the MIchelle Ba zi Bai Zhu Yenn WTF SO CUTE THE NAME.
erm .....
Vern May
oh she has so many names.
so i would combine both, Kimchi Shy Ng. wtf.

den my self.
Belle Belinda Chia wtf.

ok i take back my words la,
having 2 names are not cool at all wtf.
can't you tell i'm BORED !?!!!!!
yeah gathering later !!!!!!! if i look pretty i might upload rare pictures here in this stupid blog.
i'm so annoying.



realized that i always talk abt emo emo stuff here.

so tot of beginning of haha and then continue with emo stuff wtf.

ok la, i admit i'm an emo bitch.

today i'm here to talk abt uncetainties.

uncertainties exist when you don't have control over everything that revolves around you.

i think.

uncertainties there are, becasue there is always a *shit forgot what i wanted to say because jz answered a phone call w tf*

nevermind that

conclusion is, nothing is impossible.

be surprised ok.

the locus of control stresses ppl.

why would ppl be stressed when they are preparing to sit for examination.

because they are worrying don't know what questions are coming out, they have no control over it. sadly, TO ME LA, even the lecturer gave tips, it's worries me more because then there would be higher expectation. wtf wtf. damn annoying.

so i think interpersonal relationship also stresses people alot, becasue we have no control over it.

we can't control what ppl think about you.

we can't control the hatred, the likable that we have towards people.

jz lik how i hate the big mouth WTF !!!!

i damn scare got karma now, becz i keep being sarcastic abt ppl's big mouth, so i would have son'daughter with SUPER BIG MOUTH or my mouth grows bigger each day without me realizing it. so when one morning i wake up and look into the mirror and eh can't recognize myself.

omg sorry baby mama really sorry u wtf *ma ma dui lei ng zu* WTF

so the other day when i was glancing through facebook, this big mouth (ok, i will never say BIG MOUTH AFTER THIS but to replace with BM la WTF WTF).

has pictures of everyone which were taken the other day when we hang out.

note that we didn't hang out often because I DON"T LIKE HER. no i hate her, to be exact.

because i simply don't like her behavior attitute personalities charateristic and her mouth WTF.

in short, she is disgusting to me la.

omg i hope she reads this.

and her english is so sad even i would forwn reading it

e,g: how do you describe food which are nice, TASTY MA SO SIMPLE HELLO EVEN A 3 YEARS OLD KNOWS. she wrote there: wa, super taste a.


i'm sorry because i hate you.

ok la i know i have no right to laugh at this kinda thing bcz i'm not good myself.

but wat the heck because i hate you la.



the main point is, she uploaded pictures ALMOST immediately after the outing.

which included 2 couple picturs of myself and the other friends' (hope i didn't make it too complicated) obviously i saw those pics la k.

and then jz right after la, i thick face uploaded an album of myself and boi' (in love again)

the couple picture of mine was gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jz like shit being flushed !!!!!

and then the other friends' couple pic is still there.

coincident or what ?

hahahahahhahahahah sigh.

omg, now i know, someone who has a BM doesn't mean would have a big heart WTF.

yeah ok at least i shared something interesting here today wtf a new beginning.

hmm... i find that i'm quite good at entertaining myself.

sigh so sad.

ok ok bye bye

i miss everyone.

ok i know only zizi and tiffany read this la.

random thoughts.

Today at group counseling they talked about relationship. romantic relationship of course
but bothers youngster most now huh.
sometimes i'm really amused by young generation, frankly, i think i'm not at that age anymore.
i feel... old.
i don't have the urge to impress ppl of opposite gender/sex.
so that explains my weight gain wtf. self-defense mechanical.
due to confedentiality, i won't disclose the detail that we have talked about,
but the topic itself is very complicated thing.
break up is undeniable very heart-breaking, but life goes on.
i know i'm tlaking like it's easy, but hey i've gone through that too.
but i didn't share a single bit about my story, not because i'm not comfortable of sharing it, just that i really feel it's not necessary.
everyone has a different experience, but after all, only you can help youself.
that's the most important thing.
my experience of breaking up is, i tended to self-pity alot.
i think oh that was the end of the world i jz got dumped by the guy i loved,
when i didn't even know what love is.
it's not jz hugging kissing cuddling buying present kinda thing.
it surely is more in-depth. and i'm sure one will not understand it until they grow up.
i blame it on the slow development of some RANDOM brain neurons wtf.

the point is, people often think that they need help from others when they break up.
they need alot of companion to talk about how sad they are
how terrible the guy was
how they wanted to patch back
how things might work out if they were bla bla bla.
if you don't allot yourself to let it go.
it will haunt you forever.
it's painful
but the pain is not forever. imagine, if you were with the wrong guy,
then in the future he would be torturing you until the end of the day wtf.

aiya, duno la, why am i talking all these things here.
jz duno whom to talk to maybe. haha.
oh dear dairy wtf !!!!!
so pathetic one !!!!!!!!!!!!

hello i'm not dead.

yes i'm back. i know. not like anyone is expecting for my update.
jz some blabbling before i go crazy again.
mid term is coming, i'm slacking so seriously it's not even funny.
i think after this degree, i really really really don't wanna involve in assignments, APA and citations anymore. gosh. it shakens me just by thinking abt it.
i know
in less than 2 months time everything's gonna come to an end.
but i'm so addicted to psp nowadays it's not even funny.
i feel so left out.
all i did were, eat and den lying there playing psp.
so u can imagine i'm getting fatter as days passed by.
to conclude my life.
it sucks.
i really need to get out of it.
i need some positive power.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg.
i seriously need help.


i'm in an extreme need to lose like 10 Kgs.
but i'm craving for maggi mee.
ARH !!!!!!!!!!
OH no wait i can't.
OH why am i drooling one.
OH hey arh looks so delicious.
Oh arh wtf imma kill myself. !!!!!!!

Regards from Penang :)

tee hee, sometimes when you online at a different place updating blog at a different place
it would be a total different feeling yo.
I'm now in penang !!!!!!!
gahahhaa.... hotel is FANTASTIC
rasa sayang i will miss you.
i believe won't be coming back anytime soon, too expensive tsk tsk.
summore the safety guard damn racist, if you were asian, then they would check your room number and all one, "excuse me are you outsider or customer"
lik wtf. if we were guai lou i'm sure they won't be like that one lor.
becz according to my boi, shangri-la in penang got 2 branches one,
golden sand and rasa sayang, the latter one is meant for foreigners.
wa, i duno if who is trying to impress who, but the atmosphere is freaking owesome.
i'm not exaggerating i tell you hoho !!!
this trip is more fun than i've expected ler, duno y. haha.
ok off to go.
hope everyone has a wonderful time too
muuah ~


:) i hereby wishing everyone happy chinese new year.
may the economic turns better. everyone stays healthy. be happy.
and i want a brand new me :)
hohoho. this is considered a special year to me, being alone in college, CNY never go back to Johor and visit grandma. huhu. cz seriously lazy to travel so far.
Travis came back from UK and brought me something that i heart till faint :) AWWW.. thanks dude !!! *greatful contented smile wee*
can you see how happy i am ?
i'm blessed. so blessed.
so now all i need is more friends wtf. HAHAHAHHAA.
this year ang pao's kinda suk sui edi.
especially from parents, it's a 50% slashed comparing to last year's eh.
but nvm, it's edi alot compare to many ppl :)
thanks mom dad ~
hope this year would be a less tougher year for you...
stay healthy forever ok.
have a feeling that the relationship with my family is getting better and stronger.
like that feeling :) belongingness. u see :)

today my boi asked:" do you wanna stay in Banglow or double-storey?"
i asked back "if you have shark fin would you still eat glassnoodle (fake fin)?"
oh i'm not that materialistic right ? i'm juz realistic HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
defensive hoho.

Penang tomorrow !! positive thinking wtf !!! it's gonna be fun fun fun !!!!!! yeah
so happy gonna stay in renovated hotel which smells new !! wu hoo ~
am i not the luckiest woman in the world ?!
thank whoever it is :)

ok, so this post is damn random, suddenly this and that, it's becasue everytime when i blog, i dun have anything specific in mind, it's... you know, like some sort of free flow.
and i din mean to show off la. jz to note down how i'm feeling and in the future and flash back and think...wa.................................. last time....... wa........
or something like today in history wtf hahahahhaha. ok i'm done.

everyone gamble win lot lot ya :)

ever the same

some people just never seem to grow.
some people just never seem to stop buying.
some people just never stop judging.
some people, just like myself.

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