long lost Me

Hi, With refer to the tittle above, i'm writing in to bla bla bla bla.
so this is basically what i do everyday.
HR is seriously a pain in the ass. BORING.
and especially difficult for careless ppl lik me T______T
made MINOR, seriuosly minor mistake everyday.
Let ppl scolded almost everyday.
i'm so doomed !!! wtf. it's double sin when your manager is female and tend to be very emotional.
wanted to look into another kind of job next time.
marketing perhaps.
but presentation is not easy too. gosh.
seriously, the longer i live, i stupider i've become.
the lessons i've learned is do not judge from the cover of books.
i picked the pretty office but it's rotten inside.
SIGH. y oh y oh. god u doesn't love me ?!

i've tasted so many dead cats.
seriously hard for ppl lik me.
cz i fought back 100%, but here in office, i can't.
actually i lik working.
because u get paid and and u're financially independent.
wat i dun lik is, i got REALLY lazy when i got home.
i dozed off twice without brushing teeth wei wtf.
slept at 8 and then woke up at 12 to brush teeth and den went back to sleep till next morning !
wat kind of life is this ?
and my room is uber dirty.
super canot tahan.
urgh !!!!
miss the girls.
Vern May if u're reading this.
i think 4 of us will only reunite when u come back from UK wtf.
take care everyone.
rmb my name is Belle ok. wtf.

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