beware, be cautious, be very afraid

the world is so chaotic now. first it's swine flu, which triggered back in Feb but only taken seriously in April.
now everyone's so afraid, wearing mask when they go out, no longer shake hands becz apparently u can get the germs/virus like that. no hugging. no dining in.
i still not sure what H1N1 is about, only know that it's dead causing virus, symptom is high fever and flu ?
so be careful everyone. wash ur hands, hygiene is very important.
(eh i jz noticed blogspot got MS office feature !!! spelling correction) wuuuuuu

ok, mom jz told me a shocking news, a friend of hers jz got robbed.
she was walking by the roadside after she parked her car at some housing area, and then suddenly blacked out. when she woke up she realized that she had been knocked on the head, fainted on the road side. the left/right side of her body was all scratched, bleeding, head bleeding, probably need stitches... eye swollen. this incident happened very very near my house.
terrible !!!! horrible !!!!
remind me of the snatching incident that i've experienced few years back.
nowhere is safe in Malaysia.
so girls, be very careful.
becz those bastards/jerks/asshole whatever bad names on earth would target on female
becz we r PHYSICALLY weak !!!
dun think u're black belt very geng !! jz be very careful !!
avoid walking by roadside, avoid being alone in public.
train ur lungs, becz u need a bigger lung to scream louder i guess.
sigh. wat the hell is wrong with those ppl !!!!!!!!!
i really hope the government could do something.
besides approving so construction projects that cause bad traffic can.

whoever knows how to pray... pray for the world ok.

very emo Belle.


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