hey peps... ! *waving frantically*
aww i'm so sleepy...
i heart working... it makes me feel lik i've used my brain,
but bcz i've not been using it for a while,
there were few moments where i blanked out abit
and can't seem to understand what people were talking.
ok i believe i will become the world fastest typist.
because this work jz require loads and loads of typing.
kinda enjoy the learning process.
ppl there are generally nice, haven sense any politics jz yet.
*fingers crossed*

so i had a wonderful weekend, went Bird Park to try out photoshooting.
wanna go more more and MORE place to take pics.
but oh well...i gotta say, my skills sucks.
few pics for ur view hehe.
i think it's better not to shop and watch movie only, go and hang around this kinda places. :> it can be fun.

boifren was super lovely kay, willing to bring me there.
sacrifice his nap.
i'm so pampered. <3
mayb going there on every weekend wtf hahahha.


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