holiday blues holiday blues holiday blue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg i'm so freaking bored and i am feeling extremely guilty
becoz i'm suppose to finish my thesis by now but den i actually haven really started ... it's jz alot of paragraph which haven been compiled and arranged properly T.T
y am i so freaking lazy i duno !!!!!!! arh ! i hate myself hate psychology hate everything besides my boifriend and friends and clothes and cash and food .............

huuuuu .... sorry, luckily i have none reader yet.
i'm so frustrated so have to let out abit of frustration here.
sigh sometimes i do think dat i'm the one who mess up my own life.
no one to blame, and i constantly feel lik giving up in studying, which i beleive my mom will kill me and slaughter me !!!!!!!!!!!!

wuwuwuwuwwuuu.... seriuosly feel lik banging head to the wall and jz faint lik dat, den the fairy pity me so grant me a wish......... den i would say i wanna be pretty and slim forever
wtf i am so shallow lik dat one la i duno y.

well ok ok think properly, wat do i want in life ?
my mom always says dat, be a girl/woman, most important thing in life is to marry to a good man ( @&(#(@*(#@&#(*@ i know damn sexist)
if u married to a useless man, den u're gone lik dat liao. (yor y la my lappie so damn lag)
so that's the point, i'm conditioned and being educated since young dat i need to find a good husband. and my mom only started to told me dat female is better to have their own career and dun rely on man too much, but huhuhu dat's already too late. sigh, wat to do i'm so farking lazy and i have a super good bf. i'm so spoilt !!!!!!!

ok ok ok .... enough said, thesis on !!!!

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