hello here i am again

ok not sure what to blog about, juz stuck with my work and try to release some stress by typing here as in i'm doing work also.

ok random thing: the boifriend started with facebook, yeap, after so long like it's gonna outdated already hoho. and then he has a fluff friend, cow, named after FAT FAT wtf, damn cute ok my boifriend. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ... miss him already :(
sigh now tonight and tmr will be the toughest moment, assignment due b4 12 and presentation at 10, meeting at 8. how can i finish them u tell me i duno !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok bye bye cis.

memorable !

actually i don't know what do i have atitle for my everyt blog entry.
as u can see, everytime when i blog till half way, what am i gonna talk about is llike differed so far away from the topic already.
but nuff said !
TODAY, THE SUNDAY, THE 29th of JUNE 2008 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
beibeh picked me up and v went makan together !

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww ~ i love her :)

my English my college my lecturer

is so bad until it interferes with my ability to understand what ppl were saying.

....... so bad ! omg, i swear i'm gonna so improve my english.
............... no la i mean i will try ... hehe

i'm so gonna blog about this so that i would still rmb this red-hair after 20 years, he probably won't be in this world anymore... Dr. FULTON ~~
fuiyo this professor of mine, damn geng. i don't know, but he is the 1st western lecturer that v have in 3 years of studying in HELP. he just couldn't suit in our acedemic system... and making sucha big fuss abt it... he is damn cool, talking lik a kid, i was so fascinated when babe said how he blamed on the timing of meeting him the other day... seriously, hiding behind the culture difference is much more better than the BAD TIMING ok...
lik so wtf
conversation went like this

"But sir, when v discussed with you the other day, you said it was alright"
"when did v meet?"
"last friday"
"oh.... friday what time?"
"11.30 (p.m), sir"

.............................................................. "oh, that was a bad time."

W T F !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
u damn cool ok.
i have a really bad feeling about this semester
i'm so gonna fail the 2 subjects with Fulton.
i'm so F' screwed !!!! cannot graduate edi la lik dat !!!!!
always sit home wait parents feed mer !!!!!!
my daddy and mommy sayang me lik princess ok.... i really want them to feel lik king and queen....

too shy to tell them in real life..........

hehehe... dad and mom... i love u. muackz, muackz.

been staying in college till so late recently, a pretty good experience, walking from block E to mainblock, cz no more free bus haha
friends like 'em are so nice .......................
i like being with them.

random: angel r so angel !!!!!!!!!!!!! i like !! hahahahahahahhahahahah wtf belle u wtf !

i don't understand

stress stress stress and stress
tha't all i can describe about my life now
3rd year of studying is definitely not easy to me.
why am i here, i'm suppose to be doing the gok dam assignment, comparing the APA codes and APS codes of ethics.
i'm suppose to know 'em so well that i could sue the stupid authority someday izit.
i'm so exhausted
the more i study i more i blame on my stupidity
i'm becoming so stupid that i don't understand what i'm suppose to do
i don't understand what am i studying.
Dr. Fulton, i will defitely remember you. because i made me feel lik i have been truly studying on my own ~ is that the culture you're from ? you solely blame all your unprepareness to... not your area of expertise ? well then you can just don't accpet the job at the 1st place if you think it is not your area of expertise don't cha ?!
it's so funny cause you talk lik a 15 years old boy.
you are making everyone walking around the bush and back to the origin.
but thank gok, i have great members. they are so helpful and smart.
i'm stupid ? nvm ! i have 'em to help me and of course that motivates me even more to try my very best and work up to their expectation.
but one thing working with smart ppl is not easy becaue i feel inferior so easily.
i hate myself. cis.
i think i would make a good stalker, been stalking someone for long.
which make me hate myself even more.
Belle, look wider. further. wiser.

it is so embarrassing that i broke into tears in college ytd. *KIMCHI !!*
and i shall remember what they said to me.
anything happen, they will be there.

makes me wanna cry even more.
i love 'em.
and my boifriend.
y am i so weak. cis.

ok back to work byebye.

my ultimate goal

my ultimate goal is to become slim and to look pretty
just in case you don't know, i am definitely not a born beauty.
i was fugly back in primary school until form 3.
why ?
because my BMI was blardy high, 30 maybe ? i don't know. heheh.
it's so fat until the big bros will bully me, friends will ostritcize me, parents will ask me not to eat so much anymore. wtf... damn cruel. hahaha.
but that's life.
don't judge book from it's cover ?
beauty is not important ?
no, they are so not true, people wouldn't wanna beleive that an angelic looking girl is a biatch
but when they see a girl with ugly face and is a biatch, they would hate her more easily.
too cruel to be true.
makes me so emo because reminds me of the past wtf hahahaha
and what have i been working to approach my ultimate goal ?
constantly eating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm a serious stress eater, i need counseling !!!

ok no mood bye bye cis.

omg i duno how

met up with Joe and Gil the sweet couple today after tut.
sigh, so sweet la looking how they interact with each other, reminds me of how the boifriend and i used to be. sigh i missed those PDA times..... now it's lik a plain, tasteless couple edi
so sad la ...

talking with them is so inspiring... how the relationship should go...
everyone has different expectation when they are involve in a relationship right.
it's so difficult to just find a soulmate that could fulfilled everything that you would look for in a person.
so hard. so difficult.
read through a few blogs... wa the language they used is like so geng !
cannot... must update myself edi.
with the voucher i won from poster defense, (Jan 2008, 303 REBT). gonna buy a fiction and read lik mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spend less time on9 and just read !
sigh .......................... belle...... it's time to upgrade yourself and downgrade your weight already

thank you bye bye. cis.


i'm always in love hate relationship wit myself, seriously.
why so ?
i love my life because it is surrounded with so many lovely ppl !!!
they really love me unconditionally !!!
they still stay with me despite my super hot temper and sudden mood-less stage !!!
and they have been spending alot alot alot alot of $$$ on me, which make me feel so hang fuk but at the same time very guilty.
that's why i am so determined to work during my 6 weeks holiday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i duno... i jz feel lik earning abit to cover up my expenses.
sigh you have no idead how much i've spent over the half year....
siao i tell u
siao !!!!!!!!!
i'm spending lik i were a millionaire !!!!!!!!!! which is an extremely BAD BAD THING
bad belle
bad !!!!!!!!!

so that's how i started to hate myself u see
i'm constantly lazy and self concious !
assignments ? bah !
mid term ? no fuck
.................................. i'm so chilling ! which is another exterme bad bad thing !!!!!

i duno... i guess for now, all i can do is to pray ! pray really really hard that i have luck to pass all the tests with flying colors !
ok ?!
pls ?!

please please pretty please hu huh uhu huh u

the end cis.

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