2 updates in a day !

hey yo so in a talking mood but no one to chat with right now.
jz came back from a birthay celebration.
dinner @ Nagomi/Nagoya/Na-whatever
food are nice :)
and quite reasonable !!
eh it's really worth trying ler, with HSBC credit card you can even enjoy a 15% discount for meat muahhaha. i love surprises ~
5 of us dined in only RM142 !!!!!
wow ~ hoho.
they have brances in Jln Yap Kuan Seng, Jaya One and Hartamas shopping center :)
picture later.

i think i made a bright decision not to spill everything
cz it seems that everything is fine today :>
i think often my thought was restrained so that i was thinking in a negative way
when i din really mean it.
well actually, sharing camera is not a bad thing afterall.
u get to capture the beautiful side of a person :)
and heck, that makes me happy too ~
good night


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