Greetings from UK

hey peps ! greetings from UK yo !!
weather here is so damn cold ! but not cold until can die k wtf
i like this place except that it's full of ciggs smell :< uek
ok so long for now, can't update much as i haven really started exploring around.
jet lag wtf !
slept at 6 am uk time. and then didn't sleep soundly but woke up at 9 am T__T
using hte macbook actually, seriously not user friendly lo k.
i think it tries not to be like windows. that's why it's so hard to use right.
but i like its keypad <3
so addictive i jz feel like typing it forever ~~
ok grocery shopping later !
can't afford to eat outside for every meals
dirt cheap if you don't convert to RM la.
taaa ~~


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