so i'm very active in finding jobs again.
reason being, i don't think i'm really that capable to run my own business wtf.
the other day i went for an interview with Citibank.
sigh, another chinese speaking work place.
i wonder if it's all fate.
why do all english ppl get to work with english ppl.
and ppl like me would jz have a cina speaking work place ?
i need someone to enlighten my English ma.
hmm, so talking about the interview, that was actually a sales position.
Internet credit card sales.
haih, sales is not my thing, but they said min is up to 3K a month.
quite tempting but u have to talk till your tongue rots everyday ler.
and with very high risk of getting scolded.
becz you would always annoy the hell out of ppl.
not sure if wanna take that job anot.
it's so far eh. and you know the traffic in KL. being stuck in the traffic jam everyday is not funny.

happy deepavali ppl.
arh those art thing is so nice.
i like the color and the blings.
haihz. kinda regretted to go UK eh.
gotta spent so much there, so i'm now very constraint with the spending,
don;t like :(
it's sales everywhere and i can't buy a thing !!
yer !
YER !!!!!
i hate that feeling when i'm broke.
ok citibank mayb i should go to you wtf.
the reason why i'm updating this blog so often is
yea, firstly damn free.
holiday and my boifrend only knows to sleep !!!! so pissed ar !!!!
he edi slept till 11am today ok. now still sleep.
damn i wan a new boyfriend i mean it ! so sian hokay.
fuck it i'm so annoyed i don't know what exactly i'm pissed of.
i'm very in love with this new keyboard.
it's kinda like a macbook's keyboard for desktop heheh
i like i like i like.
that's why i keep on typing with it. hoho.
other day i tried to connect this keyboard to my lappie and do the typing hahaha
yea i'm so addicted liddat.
very stupid indeed.
ciao ~
watching cloudy with a change of meatballs tonite !
hope it's nice hehhehe.
3D yo !!


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