HEY !!! peeps ~ sorry been MIA for a while.
arh haven really updated since i started working aye ?
omg i jz gotta say i'm in love with this company.
The management is nice, cool, fun.
The colleagues are friendly, humble, i think.
and they are so generous !!!
jz came back from company dinner actually. teehee.
they gave away cash voucher and door gift upon arrival !
then got lucky draw ~ u wouldn't believe what i've got !!!!!!
iiiiiiiIIIPOD !! wtf !
i've nv been so lucky one lo, besides getting william to fall in love with me,
this is the 2d luckiest thing i've encounter wtf hahahahahhaha
and europe is awaiting for me, waving at me !!
OMG i'm so so so excited !!!
anyone in europe let's meet up wtf <3
ok ciao


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