realized that i always talk abt emo emo stuff here.

so tot of beginning of haha and then continue with emo stuff wtf.

ok la, i admit i'm an emo bitch.

today i'm here to talk abt uncetainties.

uncertainties exist when you don't have control over everything that revolves around you.

i think.

uncertainties there are, becasue there is always a *shit forgot what i wanted to say because jz answered a phone call w tf*

nevermind that

conclusion is, nothing is impossible.

be surprised ok.

the locus of control stresses ppl.

why would ppl be stressed when they are preparing to sit for examination.

because they are worrying don't know what questions are coming out, they have no control over it. sadly, TO ME LA, even the lecturer gave tips, it's worries me more because then there would be higher expectation. wtf wtf. damn annoying.

so i think interpersonal relationship also stresses people alot, becasue we have no control over it.

we can't control what ppl think about you.

we can't control the hatred, the likable that we have towards people.

jz lik how i hate the big mouth WTF !!!!

i damn scare got karma now, becz i keep being sarcastic abt ppl's big mouth, so i would have son'daughter with SUPER BIG MOUTH or my mouth grows bigger each day without me realizing it. so when one morning i wake up and look into the mirror and eh can't recognize myself.

omg sorry baby mama really sorry u wtf *ma ma dui lei ng zu* WTF

so the other day when i was glancing through facebook, this big mouth (ok, i will never say BIG MOUTH AFTER THIS but to replace with BM la WTF WTF).

has pictures of everyone which were taken the other day when we hang out.

note that we didn't hang out often because I DON"T LIKE HER. no i hate her, to be exact.

because i simply don't like her behavior attitute personalities charateristic and her mouth WTF.

in short, she is disgusting to me la.

omg i hope she reads this.

and her english is so sad even i would forwn reading it

e,g: how do you describe food which are nice, TASTY MA SO SIMPLE HELLO EVEN A 3 YEARS OLD KNOWS. she wrote there: wa, super taste a.


i'm sorry because i hate you.

ok la i know i have no right to laugh at this kinda thing bcz i'm not good myself.

but wat the heck because i hate you la.



the main point is, she uploaded pictures ALMOST immediately after the outing.

which included 2 couple picturs of myself and the other friends' (hope i didn't make it too complicated) obviously i saw those pics la k.

and then jz right after la, i thick face uploaded an album of myself and boi' (in love again)

the couple picture of mine was gone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jz like shit being flushed !!!!!

and then the other friends' couple pic is still there.

coincident or what ?

hahahahahhahahahah sigh.

omg, now i know, someone who has a BM doesn't mean would have a big heart WTF.

yeah ok at least i shared something interesting here today wtf a new beginning.

hmm... i find that i'm quite good at entertaining myself.

sigh so sad.

ok ok bye bye

i miss everyone.

ok i know only zizi and tiffany read this la.


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