Been a While

Hey, i know it's been a while.
haven been blogging so long that i seriously need to google search and TRIED to look for my blog.
and then i read through those old entried that i have made.
like omfg damn childish.

i think it's a sign of growing old.
when u look back and found out how childish and bimboo you were.
Forgive my old self pls.
but one part in me that has not been changed and will never be is the materialistic side of mine wtf.

haihz, things have changed in the absence of blogging.
i am now a married woman and a mother to be.
life is happy :)
everyone is pampering me.
have changed job to Rawang.
quite the previous job because of the relocation and of course some dicipline problem i found in office heh.

ok i am actually writing this in the office.
most of the time i would be more occupied on my iphone and oh on the internet.
that's how free i am.
wanted to quite for baby's sake, but come to think of it why quite an easy job with moderate pay?
evil i am.

and money is too important at this stage of my life now.
too many things to afford.
oh well, what the heck.

i should learn to appreciate life and you know to think in a much mature way.

no one would be following this blog for now, hahaha i think that gives me more space in expressing the sentimental and depressed side of mine.

That's all for now.
today is a happy day !

new plan for next year, back packing to NZ with the girls !
i am so expecting !!!


HAHAHA i know i know.
i have gone MIA again. ok so sorry i totally forgot about this blog address and i totally can't remmeber i could log in through


k, stop being dramatic.

i think i have not been blogging since i came back from Europe ? wtf.

oh how i miss Europe, wish u can be there lik once every forth month wt wtf

Thinking about job changing because totally no prospect !!!

JIA YOU BELLE !!! you'll be a billion dollar/pounds wtf.

cannot simply put billion, later it's Rupia how ?!

wtf wtf.

imma end this post with wtf.

will continue if have the mood.

CNY post

HEY gong hei fatt choi !
time flies ok. i feel like i'm aging so quickly now. especially when you decided to get married, you would feel that you have suddenly grown so much within a few nights.
ish. Everyone is telling me there's so much to do for your wedding, but i can't feel that yet.
To be really honest... since young i've attended so many wedding dinner, and i found that most of the brides look very unhappy one...
now i kinda understand why. hmm... i think they might not have their dream wedding, as in everything is in others' control. it's not like their own wedding kinda thing.
hmm... i really really feel envious for those who got their garden wedding/ wedding held at seaside so romantic ho.

i might appear to be one of those unhappy brides too :<


Have you ever feel like you have lost the motivation to keep on going?
Like, you don't know what you're living for.
Like, you don't give a damn shit about anything.
you know my mind fluctuates too quickly that sometimes i impress myself. wtf.
i always know i'm a greedy person.
i'm a very materialistic person. I believe in quality and quantity. wtf.
i believe more is better wtf.
When the world is revolving, i find myself slowly losing track of what's happening around. I always have ameter in my heart to measure everything. But now it seems that the measurement is no longer measurable.
I don't know if people believe in horoscope, but i always think that how those paper explained about Libra truly reflects who i am. (e.g beauty wtf, no i'm kidding, KAY)


i am pampered since i was very little.
i got whatever that i wanted. literally. because i have a dad that finds me lovable despite my bad temper and stubbornness. haihz i feel so sorry for my parents to have a kid lik me seriously wtf. but haihz, i'll slowly make up for that ok, i swear.

and now i stated to earn money/working.
then i find that, ops. that lil money jz cannot afford my luxurious lifestyle.
HOW. can die.
so yup, i don't go to high class salon anymore.
i look for the cheapest salon possible. (price cheap only ok)
i no longer use bodyshop'a body shampoo (not until recently, UK sell cheap ma wtf)
i cut down my frequency of pedicure. i no longer buy expensive mascara T___T
i only buy clothes when they were on sale.
............ and i'm so not happy abt that.

and now i feel that i find myself a very stingy husband.
so feel lik crying.
i know i should not ask too much.
but sigh, u know seeing people who got sponsor from bf/their man, i get jealous too ok.
for one chinese new year ppl can jz buy 15 sets of clothes, 15 SETS u know. not pieces. then went for spa/hairdo/mani pedi wat so ever. jz for CNY.
anniversary got gift. CARTIER ring. anniversary only lo. valentine's day got rolex.
college student only lorrr..........

i think i'm gonna get my diamond as our wedding band.
go bali for honeymoon la.
dun wanna get married edi. no mood ar.


Yup. everyone should know it by now.
I'm getting married <3. God knows how long i've been waiting for this day to come. But when it comes. I still find it unbelivable.
Getting married is all abt money.
Been looking for the best wedding bands. They cost up to 15k for a pair.
It's really killing me man !
so bloody expensive.
But now everything is not set.
Date comes 1st, then venue, then guest list.
Wedding pictures, honeymoon. Whether i should go get a couture for wedding dress anot ? teehee. arh ! wedding rocks.


hi there ~
i know it's kinda late to announce this.
but yea.... i'm back form the trip wtf.
and also, engaged.
*gasp* *awww~~ *
i know.
that was a total surprise.
sorry no pics yet. too lazy to transfer.
will update soon when i have the mood teehee.

Greetings from UK

hey peps ! greetings from UK yo !!
weather here is so damn cold ! but not cold until can die k wtf
i like this place except that it's full of ciggs smell :< uek
ok so long for now, can't update much as i haven really started exploring around.
jet lag wtf !
slept at 6 am uk time. and then didn't sleep soundly but woke up at 9 am T__T
using hte macbook actually, seriously not user friendly lo k.
i think it tries not to be like windows. that's why it's so hard to use right.
but i like its keypad <3
so addictive i jz feel like typing it forever ~~
ok grocery shopping later !
can't afford to eat outside for every meals
dirt cheap if you don't convert to RM la.
taaa ~~

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