i have a confession to make

today...... is the day. i'm gonna reveal my darkest secret of all......
u all might hate me since this post onwards... but i dun care really.
i need someone to spank me on the face and tell me.... ENOUGH U BITCH.
i have been thinking to blog about this long ........ long time ago.

but i have no courage.

i'm scared.

i iz scareeedddd.

so it started lik this..................

4 years ago, when i have already finished my SPM and blurly went to Taylor's school of so many hot chicks and studied A level.
i inferior........
cz they all so pandai make up, dress up so nice. hair long long.

aww i like.

so i started so many things.

i started to get to know so many brands, i din even know LV dat time ok.

wat is LV ?! huh.... din know ~ damn innocent. hehehhe no la sua ku la....

din know roxy din know quick silver.

i think my best shirt is body gloove which is still cheap dat time, den the other brand is that u nv heard of.

and den i started up skin care. wa.... damn fatt hao.

and den .... later............. it's make up.

my 1st..... 1st make up is a concealer and a mascara dot com.

no more, cz my skin ar, damn perfect. mind u, i used DAMN PERFECT !!!!

so i din need foundation and all.

hehehehehhe i still using the concealer wei but mascara edi disposed long time ago

cz damn stupid, lsiten to pro saying, MASCARA MAXIMUM keep for 3 months !!

so used abit den disposed edi. sigh. u know dat time i edi know estee lauder mascara ok, damn expensive, i think 80 buskcs a. sigh. but now even more expensive !!!!! siao. so i planned to shift to maybeline. but duno y those brands blinded me, den i used dior, den anna sui's, KOSE oso... all very expensive, 90 and above ok. so u count la, how much i've spent on mascara. sigh.

ok ok then ................... the nightmare comes........

over these years, i NOW have 7 eyeliners

8 cheeks color

OVER 15 different shades of gloss and lipstick

24 eyeshadows color.

3 foundations.

2 loose powder

i really cannot count how much i've spend on em.

i sin.

bought all...and barely use em. sigh.

so now here comes good deal !!!!

- estee lauder color platte 6 eyes color and 2 cheek color
- estee lauder eye shadow platte, 8 pretty eye shadow color and 1 old cheek color (i dun lik it, nv use) plus one box with mirror dat allows u to bring 3 pairs of matched eye shadow whenever u want to !!!
- 1 estee lauder sweet pink lip stick

goods above are in extreme good condition (as new) used once ONLY !

that's not all !!! still got

- 4 estee lauder make up brush (blusher brish, 2 eye shadow brush, 1 lip brush) (WHOLE NEW)
- 1 laura mercier lip gloss (WHOLE NEW)
- 1 clarins cute pink cream blusher (used several times but still in good condition)

wa so many things hor
i bought all these on impulse wtf !!!!

and i'm selling for RM 150 only ok.............
i bought them for duno how much la, u can see how spoilt i am. eh very nice ler buy la wtf. 1st time selling stuff so weird and shy wtf !!!! eh ask ur friend to come and buy ok.
one set only.
one good deal only.
1st come 1st serve (lik so many ppl really want it wtf)
no bidding (lik edi got alot ppl fighting for it wtf)

yea........ so this is my darkest secret la.
i cannot forgive myself for spending money lik this. sorry mom i sin.

hola i'm sorry

wa !!! ok long time nv update edi. weird babe soh nv shouted update this time.
mayb she die heart edi wtf AHHAHAHHAHA
ok so how am i doing.
i'm sick. so rare ok. and i lost my voice !!! damn sexy, i talked alot ytd in college, HAHAHAHAHA so fun talking wit voice lik this. but faster recover la, i dun wan forever wit voice lik this ler. pls pls. thank u. and i cough till shit oso gonna drop out anytime lik dat.
damn san fu can.
i think i dun have much thing to update everyone.
cz my life damn boring one.
revolve around the boyfriend only.
OH OH i went one u myself the other day.
sigh, haven done so in ages lor, since i have the boifriend, too manja edi
yea i know someone (soh) would say i have no life edi
and i'm the one to be blamed afterall !!!!
eh i improved edi ok........ i dumped bf and den hor went hor to hor LANGKAWI wit u all ma right wtf. one time only wtf !! hahahahhahaha
ok la.............
this raya i'm gonna dump my 3 best buddies here and fly to hk edi.
hope they have fun yo.
and forget me not !!!!! when u happily chewing ur food rmb me ok.
ok dat's it !!!
wa....... no now only friday, so fast asking ppl to miss me edi. wtf !!!!!
ok la... in case i din update la ok.
-the end-

it feels so bad when u drank too much

ok so went Luna Bar in town with a whole bunch of people where 60% of them i duno.
farewell with the host whom i'm not really close with.
seriously talking, i met him at most 3 itmes but i'm amazed by the passion he has towards my boifriend wtf. so obviously i was there becoz my bf is invited la.
i drank so much that i tot i was out.
the feeling is so bad that i couldn't even possibly described through words
cz u see har, my english is very limited excess.
and i dun wanna learn DOWNYANG plagarised other ppl's stuff
and i'm so sick of the citation yo wtf.
enough said, i was too sick until the boyfriend removed make up for me hahahahahhahaha
so memalukan i'm not a good drinker arhhh......
and my pee stinks !!! yucks.
pictures later if i feel like it wtf. so sian.

i'm back with something

hey i confirm going to HK already yay/no yay.
duno happy anot, cz following william's family.... lik so awkward. ppl family trip and i alwyas tag along.... den cannot simply kiss when i feel lik kissing him, sigh cannot simply throw tantrum cz later the parents tot i really bully their son how? i alone one ler, they all have power of the whole Ng family lor. hehehehe.
those company really pandai, hike up price during super peak season hor.
one freaking 5D4N stay cost 2300 bucks sigh i wanna faint.
i really dun wanna go.
becoz if i wanna pay for the trip, it's so not worth it, if i no need to pay, i damn pai seh.
i'm not showing off la, but the bf insisted i should follow, the way he said was lik i'm not an outsider so i dun hav to worry abt all those unecessaries.
sigh.... he is being insensitive la.
he is nv in my shoes so he wouldn't unerstand i guess.
but i really appreciate him talking like dat, cz makes me feel very warmth. but he could nv understand wat others think of me, in his eyes, even if i farted and stink lik shit, he wouldn't tell others and laugh at me.
he said he would sponsor me everything. i dun hav to spend a single cent.
his company sponsor my travel fare, and he sponsors my shopping.
.............. how can u not melt u tell me.
he is the bestest !!!
BUT how can u spend money from someone so good lik dat ?
u see har, if u spend someone's money other than mom's it's weird.
lik kek kek dei..... dare not to buy so much.
so pretty but over price dare not say want......
sigh ...... i duno
i appreciate his offer la really... but ...
sigh nvm ...
duno a.......................... talk lik dat lik showing off
den would get respond lik, offer to u ma good la, still wan complain wat oso duno wtf
the feeling i'm trying to say is lik ......... pai seh.... but proud la... i duno too complicated i guess
aiya nvm la.

eh i wan oso !!!

list 10 sweet things ma right ?!
1. errrrrrrrrrrrr....... bought me flower when 1st time celebrating my birthday (died 5 days later) gave me the watch that he likes (he thinks it's pretty)
2. ermmm ...................................... brought me to korea. cz company got free trip. better than nth ma i know i know hehehehehhehe.
3. hold my hand, insisted to hold me in his arm when movie super sweet, but make me have sore neck.
4. i cried when movie has touching scene. he wiped away my tear, and the mascara !!!!
5. hurt me while playing, sometimes v wrestling.
6. banged my braces
7. bring me to badminton and then play with other ppl
8. i sick he went snooker with his friends after i pretended to be asleep.
9. obey every single words the mother said
e.g. belle said " we should buy a house",
william silent, "hmmmm...."
mom said" you should buy a house for future",
william then told belle "we should plan to buy a house"
........ belle ponder, whether should cheer in tear or simply cry.

10. nv smoke in front of his parents/family members. wiling to reveal true self in front of me.

did it sounds more lik 10 sour things ?
huh...... i tried so hard but cannot think of any sweet thing now wtf ?!
how man i panic edi eh !!!!!!
ok ok update later if i think of anything.

patched back

as you can see the pretty gf appeared.

hehehehehhehehhe so u know wat happen eh.

the problem was, she was busy, nobody expected her to be there, but duno who insisted she must be there. so, everybody waited her for sometime.

and the best part is, when she came, it was lik she doesn't know everyone.

she made the "zhu gok" waited her, but no apology.


she is best at when someone has already told her wat should she do, and she called another person. asking exactly the same thing, and claim she doesn't know anyting abt dat.

to me. super wtf.

ok anyway, happy birthday ck.

HELLO everyone !!!

been a few days since i last blogged ?
din do much thing, and then holiday just ended lik that.
great lo.
wasted my young life.
sigh, hopefuly when i grow older, i won't slap myself and regret for the way i wasted my young life lo. went pd for holiday and hurt my righty foot when playing futsal with the males.
sigh y is my life so sad. hahahahha but the game was fun la, my 1st attempt for soccer and i goal twice wtf ?! hahhahhaha so pandai can
ok so i'm trying to evolve my blog la, at least i uploaded the 1st ever picture right.
sigh but i'm a low low low tech person, i duno how to edit the layout and all, tried once for the stoopid multiply and it looks lik shit now, worse than the original one ok damn kesian.
ok 310 and 312 i damn scared ok.
sigh ....... pls pls pls lemme pass.
D i oso dun mind already please.

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