Another Sunday

Walaoooooo man....
time flies ! and it's now sunday already !!! can you believe it ? no i cannot !
which means... my europe trip is getting nearer !!!!!
so excited i'm gonna faint liao....
ok this trip is kinda gan zeong... becz i don't speak their language. e.g. France.
i sacred i get lost in the cities and cannot find my way back *touchwood* and then noone can help me becz they can't understand me !
i can only say bonjour wtf wtf.
so these weeks have been quite a romantic weekends la... teeheee... not bad kinda lik it when you have some personal moment. <3
but i have weird dreams last night... damn i hate that kinda dreams...
dreaming that my couple friends fought... wtf fought in my dream ! go away already
then i got damn pissed.
ish... dun like ler... i'm already not a happy person, in dream oso i have to get pissed. wtf.
really wanna bug me liddat meh !!!!

so i'm trying to sort out a routine in Italy la... Venice is a must go.
but scared very cold ler wtf.
then i wanna go... Florence, Milan, Rome...
duno got time anot... i think we got lik 5 days in italy.
ish ish ~
hope this trip can be a perfectly planned one.

can't wait for the day that i can actually shout out loud... u know the here i come phrase. teehee ~
miss me peps :>
bcz i miss u all.
ta !


Belle said...
December 4, 2009 at 6:52 AM

wtf u only know this la !
eh can tour guide us to japan anot ? hahahaha
free green tea for u ? wtf

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