Missy Nail at One U sucks big time

hi blog, itz me again.
wanted to blog this and warn everyone not to go there.
so talking abt manicure and pedicure, it has been long that i haven have my fingers and toes done pretty pretty, and i suddenly felt like it. so the boifriend and i randomly went one u and walked in to Missy Nail. the girls were sitting there chatting and no clients were seen when i got in. then i asked if they had free slot to do mani and pedi they looked very reluctant.
like, u wan do then do dun wan den bye that kinda face yay.
the pedi girl was pissing me off becz for the many years of experience i have nv been instructed to put my legs here and there.
she was literally pad my legs and point to the sink, or to the towel. pad and point. pad and point. apply lotion SIMPLY apply no rub no massage.
wtf. i know i know. but this is so annoying i cannot refrain from using wtf wtf wtf !
super lan si her tone !
name tag there written JANICE.
be warned.
and then it was my mani, which was done by another girl, and she cut my nail bed, and it bleed. ehem. sharp pain i felt.
then she said oh ur skin very thin.
for so many times, this was the 1st time i was cut and bleed ! wtf
so conclusion,
donch go.


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