life cannot be happier without college. at least for now. hehe.
thesis due, final's over, upcoming is the defense.
but i can't feel more relieve.
oooh, life.
tmr vern flying to UK, hereby, wish her sun sun lei lei, have a nice and safe trip :)
everyone's doing their own things, and i'm looking for a well paid job
bcz i'm in need of $$$.
arh, life.
overheard some kids' conversation the other day
"the teacher very good one, let us play in her class"
"wa my teacher better lo ! she even allow psp"
wtf ?
ahahhahahhahhahhaha but bring back alot of school time memory...
thinking back of the old times really makes me wanna go back even more.
just when i am about to finish uni, suddenly i miss my girls so much so much.
wish those times we've spent together, the jokes, the class replacements.
the assignments, how we encourage each other and how we look at each others' stress look
how we have small fights over projects.
oooh i just miss those days.
becz it's over, and it would never come back.......
all i can think about now is to maintain the friendship.
hope that we won't change to much, if do, to a better self i hope :)
good luck everyone.

with love :)


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