omg. i'm. so. DEAD.
HOW COME... i tot he left already ?
sei lor.
i still rmb once i went into his office and had this kinda defense with him for PSY303.
and i DIDN"T understand a single questions he asked.
ok i give up the 5%.
but i'm so gonne stoned there for 20 minutes.
i know ppl here might be thinking what the crap i'm talking about.
yes, it's the ultimate scary thesis defense.
mine is fallen on the 24th of April.
ngam ngam after Tiffany's soh ultimate big day. wuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.
i so wanna cry.
can u pls spare a birthday wish for me huh tiffany soh xiao jie hahahahhahaha.
omg i'm so freaked out !!!!!!!!
and i haven collected back all the questionnaires. ARH.
sei liao. byebye.


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