MDG sucks big time

sigh... the only thing that attracts me to keep on watch every last part of each episode is to see who got voted out !
MODEL SEARCH ? dun post it on the internet la cz u know ppl from out there could watch it as well... dun ashame Mas ok. this is not a model search ok !!!!
it's jz trying to copy some famous tv show lik american idol and all ok. and it's not FAIR at all
i wish my dad is as rich la, so that i could also win the MDG and a car lik Cindy does lo (oh not lik she's gonna win right, it's jz top 3, choi choi choi)
arh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cannot stand this show anymore !
i'm gonna stop watching edi.
i duno if she's a model material ok
even Jay got sent home ?! like... HELLO ?!
she is the only one qualified ok. Adeline is not bad but she doesn't know how to look good in front of camera so that sucks another big time.
i'm so geram la
cz i personally know someone lik Cindy
so i really dun like dun like dun like dun like someone lik dat !!!!!!
mayb i'm too conservative
the one who is trying to hint that she's a virgin (save the sex for marriage)
would stay in a hotel suite wit ONLY ONE DOUBLE BED ROOM
WIT A GUY FRIENDS ? and holding him sticking him leaning on him lik he is a bf and den afterwards told the whole wide world that HE IS NOT MY BF
.... which made things even worse
not slutty mer lik dat ?
hey i used to be really good in flirting around one, i oso think this is way too much
oh most probably i nv think of this tactic la, wtf i'm a loser ! BOO

MDG, waste of time. dun vote la, waste money only.

sigh i dun wanna be a bitch, but i'm born lik that.

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