hey there

i'm bored...
how come i have nth better to do.
even fashion magazine seems so tasteless to me.
aww the other day spotted a pair of flats in Zara. sigh. 189.90 ? u tell me do i look like i have cash full until it fall out from my pocket ?
but i LIKE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok ! i like it i like it i like it. feel damn empty for few days edi cause didn't buy em.
and den anohter pair of heels in Vincci+ .... the same price.
sigh. ok forget abt it.
i have so many items in my shopping list !
how .... even millionaire would be shocked of how much i wanted to spend wtf.
duno where to goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
shopping becomes so boring when u dont' have enough cash wtf wtf wtf.
punch self.
ok basically college starting new week and i seriously dun feel lik registering yish.
ambitious abit belle embitious wtf !!!!

merrry christmas

merry chirstmas everyone !
wu ! can't believe time flies ! last year i was in penang, still with that slimmer body.
this year, i'm stucked in this not to say big or smal room in rawang, bored to death, hp battery dies... and with that uber overweight body. sigh. how can people change so much you tell me ahhahahahha
this year christmas didn't really give me much special feeling.
it juz made me realized how many friends i've lost contact with.
last years, they would stil text me... awww.... but not anymore :(
yea i agree i'm the one to blame.
you can say that i'm calculative, but when you have friends that always take advantages of you.
that's realy sick.
from there i learn to protect myself :)
or many i'm transforming into an aunty so sacrifices only meant for family but no longer for friends?
heheheh but occasionally helping of coz i would be more than happy to do.
i really hate myself for feeling dissatisfied over so many people !!!!!!!!
omg !!!!
if this situation continue, imma commit suicide wtf.


everything started off with a passion. right ?

without a passion, you wouldn't even wanna look at it, not to say to do it.

but what do you do when the passion deteriorate. or worse, gone?

emo emo emo emo emo.


so now everyone has graduated, it juz me damn.
i enrolled earlier. and ended later wtf is this.
why am i slower in everything.
so there they are... leaving already.
i feel that we are so close yet so far.
something is missing i duno.
mayb i juz didn't mix too well with them.
i'm still me, insignificant.
when i feel sad for them leaving and heading to different directions already...
well... people juz dun mind, dun care.
sigh belle.

fate ?

wow, over a month i haven updated this pity bloggie.
so why am i here blogging while i'm suppose to be sleeping.
i have so much thoughts to share, but i duno how to make them into words.
i have so much regrets in life that i duno how to patch up
sigh i'm so complicated.

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