that's it.

so that's it. i'm done with everything.
don't want anymore interception. pray pray pray everything goes well.
am looking for a job now :(
i really miss the girls. i miss the time when we all get together laughing at each other.
those were the days :(
very free now, stay at home forever (rawang is considered as my 2nd home).
i'm such a boring person !!!! friends working already.
thesis defense didn't go to well i guess.
didn't really present anything. they were asking so much questions and yea, tho i manage to answer, they didn't seem to satisfy with it. wuhuhuhu. i was so nervous until i begin to sweat in air con room, and need to wipe away sweat on my forehead.
that was how nervous i am.
but i can never feel so relieve after the defense. pheeew ~
duno what to work as. very fan !!!!!
officially hunting for a job now, wanted to start on May, duno if it's possible.
awww.... my resume doesn't seem too attractive oso. sigh.
hope Vern enjoys her UK trip, and it seems like everyone is going to UK too hahahha
right, hope they could suggest places to visit to after they came back
as i am also going by the end of the year ! can't wait !!!
only problem now is pounds, the currency seems to be increasing, but alot of rumour saying UK bank is going a really rough time and going to bankrupt anytime soon.
if lik dat the pounds, the money would have become plain paper wei.
so fan.
i find that my entry has never have any proper ending.
today i shall end this post by saying the end. WTF.
the end.


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