omg. i'm. so. DEAD.
HOW COME... i tot he left already ?
sei lor.
i still rmb once i went into his office and had this kinda defense with him for PSY303.
and i DIDN"T understand a single questions he asked.
ok i give up the 5%.
but i'm so gonne stoned there for 20 minutes.
i know ppl here might be thinking what the crap i'm talking about.
yes, it's the ultimate scary thesis defense.
mine is fallen on the 24th of April.
ngam ngam after Tiffany's soh ultimate big day. wuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu.
i so wanna cry.
can u pls spare a birthday wish for me huh tiffany soh xiao jie hahahahhahaha.
omg i'm so freaked out !!!!!!!!
and i haven collected back all the questionnaires. ARH.
sei liao. byebye.

your friendly blogger

hello here i am again. bragging about boredom.
hhehehehe in this post. imma not gonna sigh. ok. imma replace with hehe huhu or wuwu. wtf.
becz sigh is not a good word. imma think positively. imma be optimistic.
so boring.
only start running research for thesis tmr.
will it be too late?
oh blame it on ERB ok. i damn scare i can't finish it in time.
i have around one month time.
i need some help.
no, i need alot of help.
to complete my discussion.
those who love me and know how to do, come offer me some help.
sprinkle me wit love wtf.

another pointless post.
can tell i'm plain bored right.
huhu. wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu.


sometimes i really hope ERB consists of all sleepy heads so they won't reject my proposal wtf.
my ERB is being rejected again. bah. but nvm. i've come to a solution.
so it'll be fine !!!!!!! (i hope wtf) arh... wanna cry already.
if it doesn't den i won't be able to complete thesis so whoever it is up there. pls hear my prayer.
emo emo emo emo emo emo emo

sad story aside. and i've got nth else to talk abt SIGH
long time never make up and go out already.
arh !!!!!

Advertorial ?

sigh. no this is not an advertorial post. jz some humble opinions on blog advertising tactics.
seriously, i doubt if it works lo.
i think i might make a good stalker la. cz i do check out blogs alot. like from ppl that i know (no, acutally it's ppl that i'm INTERESTED in) to strangers. i read a lot of blogs and i found it rather funny when i saw the blogger in real life.
like how ar, the feeling very hard to describe, like i've been stalking that person, and he/she doesn't know me. i feel disgusted with myself actually hahahhaha. but damn i'm so bored i jz gotta do it.
so, back to the main point. advertorial.
amang all the blogger, i particularly hate Cindy from MDG season 1.
she is TooOooo vain. e.g. posting up picture of hers in bras. zong ji very vain la.
i dun like it. she's not hot lo, to me la. she's jz a hot chic wannabe. to me la wtf.
am not gonna link her here. becz, i duno how to WTF !!!!!
omg. i'm reeeeeleee low tech lo.
ok so those bloggers took alot of vain pictures and den consider that as advertorial ?
i'm not convinced lo.
they jz low graded the product wtf.
and den they got paid for it. can anyone tell the company that it's not gonna work ?
look at how they write abt the product.
hmm.... so ?
for a few of your bikini pics den i'm gonna buy it so i can be like you already ?
now the economics not good, dun simply pour money lik dat can ?
it's not gonna work.
watever that i've seen in blog advertorial.

on the other hand.
they can blog more abt experience. like some traveling tips, nice cozy restaurants.
and all, that i would read, and i find it A LOT MORE useful and not to say convincing comparing to stupid blog ads that hard sell product like a bloody handphone lo.
so many vain pics ONLY wtf.
sianz can.

ok end of story.

and i'm into business now.
eh i do facial for ppl, i think it's quite cheap la RM30 for one hour PAMPERING treatment wtf.
ok hard sell already.
eh support abit wtf. i got no vain pictures here ok.
thank u the very much.

oh oh oh oh oh, thought of becoming famous blogger right
so firstly i have to have a few criteria
1. look hot- cz gonna have a lot vain pictures
2. miang enough- cz need to pose for vain pictures
3. vain- cz u see the main thing is becoming vain
4. creative- need to think really hard how to be vain
5. crapping- vain not enough must be funny and mean and bitch
6. good in english wtf- so make vain not too obvious and then everyone hates u
7. good with web designing

and i fail for all mention above WTF.
ok la so i decided to blog for boredom only la.
good day everyone.
rmb to do facial ok. WTF i'm so ANNOYING.

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