Regards from Penang :)

tee hee, sometimes when you online at a different place updating blog at a different place
it would be a total different feeling yo.
I'm now in penang !!!!!!!
gahahhaa.... hotel is FANTASTIC
rasa sayang i will miss you.
i believe won't be coming back anytime soon, too expensive tsk tsk.
summore the safety guard damn racist, if you were asian, then they would check your room number and all one, "excuse me are you outsider or customer"
lik wtf. if we were guai lou i'm sure they won't be like that one lor.
becz according to my boi, shangri-la in penang got 2 branches one,
golden sand and rasa sayang, the latter one is meant for foreigners.
wa, i duno if who is trying to impress who, but the atmosphere is freaking owesome.
i'm not exaggerating i tell you hoho !!!
this trip is more fun than i've expected ler, duno y. haha.
ok off to go.
hope everyone has a wonderful time too
muuah ~


:) i hereby wishing everyone happy chinese new year.
may the economic turns better. everyone stays healthy. be happy.
and i want a brand new me :)
hohoho. this is considered a special year to me, being alone in college, CNY never go back to Johor and visit grandma. huhu. cz seriously lazy to travel so far.
Travis came back from UK and brought me something that i heart till faint :) AWWW.. thanks dude !!! *greatful contented smile wee*
can you see how happy i am ?
i'm blessed. so blessed.
so now all i need is more friends wtf. HAHAHAHHAA.
this year ang pao's kinda suk sui edi.
especially from parents, it's a 50% slashed comparing to last year's eh.
but nvm, it's edi alot compare to many ppl :)
thanks mom dad ~
hope this year would be a less tougher year for you...
stay healthy forever ok.
have a feeling that the relationship with my family is getting better and stronger.
like that feeling :) belongingness. u see :)

today my boi asked:" do you wanna stay in Banglow or double-storey?"
i asked back "if you have shark fin would you still eat glassnoodle (fake fin)?"
oh i'm not that materialistic right ? i'm juz realistic HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
defensive hoho.

Penang tomorrow !! positive thinking wtf !!! it's gonna be fun fun fun !!!!!! yeah
so happy gonna stay in renovated hotel which smells new !! wu hoo ~
am i not the luckiest woman in the world ?!
thank whoever it is :)

ok, so this post is damn random, suddenly this and that, it's becasue everytime when i blog, i dun have anything specific in mind, it's... you know, like some sort of free flow.
and i din mean to show off la. jz to note down how i'm feeling and in the future and flash back and think...wa.................................. last time....... wa........
or something like today in history wtf hahahahhaha. ok i'm done.

everyone gamble win lot lot ya :)

ever the same

some people just never seem to grow.
some people just never seem to stop buying.
some people just never stop judging.
some people, just like myself.

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