Designers' Brand

so talking about this.
I have been stuffing myself with dramas and food lately.
Gossip girl is one of the it shows that i have been long to watch.
I didn't have any access to it then.
But lately thanks to i get to indulge myself with dramas to pass my meaningless life yay.

*haih this is getting so mafan everytime i have to backspace wtf and cahnge to yay, wtf*

and i'm so surprise that i can name so many bags that the girls used in the show.
and it kinda freak me, because that also mean my instinct is getting out of me.
thank you.
those are all the bags that i can't afford. at least now.
people don't use Gucci nor LV.
I'm not trying to be a hypocrite or something,
but seriously i'm quite sick of everything getting a LV and Gucci on street these days.
go to the mall and u can spot at least 19865845 ppl carrying a LV speedy or neverfull.
worse, some even carry a replica.
gotta respect their courage tho.
i used to tell ppl i would buy a slightly more expensive handbag becz i am fond of their quality.
but now i'm not sure anymore.
i think my chin was higher when i carry a bag that u can name the band and walk into a shop.
hypocrite hypocrite hypocrite.
ok i admit some of the LV and Gucci are nice.
i said i'm sick of ppl getting the same bag doesn't mean i don't like it.
and i might carry one in later days.
who knows.

all the while i think Jimmy Choo is doing a great job on the Cluth/wallet.
his design is young, sophisticated aiya donch know how to describe but it's the way i like it.

Filipa Wallet *drools*
ok la don't care if it's last season's cz i clearly donch know about this
i live in a country with no seasons. hokay.
and MiuMiu
donch worry i'm just DROOLING over them.
i won't have the money to buy them la ok.
they are my motivation to earn.


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