Advertorial ?

sigh. no this is not an advertorial post. jz some humble opinions on blog advertising tactics.
seriously, i doubt if it works lo.
i think i might make a good stalker la. cz i do check out blogs alot. like from ppl that i know (no, acutally it's ppl that i'm INTERESTED in) to strangers. i read a lot of blogs and i found it rather funny when i saw the blogger in real life.
like how ar, the feeling very hard to describe, like i've been stalking that person, and he/she doesn't know me. i feel disgusted with myself actually hahahhaha. but damn i'm so bored i jz gotta do it.
so, back to the main point. advertorial.
amang all the blogger, i particularly hate Cindy from MDG season 1.
she is TooOooo vain. e.g. posting up picture of hers in bras. zong ji very vain la.
i dun like it. she's not hot lo, to me la. she's jz a hot chic wannabe. to me la wtf.
am not gonna link her here. becz, i duno how to WTF !!!!!
omg. i'm reeeeeleee low tech lo.
ok so those bloggers took alot of vain pictures and den consider that as advertorial ?
i'm not convinced lo.
they jz low graded the product wtf.
and den they got paid for it. can anyone tell the company that it's not gonna work ?
look at how they write abt the product.
hmm.... so ?
for a few of your bikini pics den i'm gonna buy it so i can be like you already ?
now the economics not good, dun simply pour money lik dat can ?
it's not gonna work.
watever that i've seen in blog advertorial.

on the other hand.
they can blog more abt experience. like some traveling tips, nice cozy restaurants.
and all, that i would read, and i find it A LOT MORE useful and not to say convincing comparing to stupid blog ads that hard sell product like a bloody handphone lo.
so many vain pics ONLY wtf.
sianz can.

ok end of story.

and i'm into business now.
eh i do facial for ppl, i think it's quite cheap la RM30 for one hour PAMPERING treatment wtf.
ok hard sell already.
eh support abit wtf. i got no vain pictures here ok.
thank u the very much.

oh oh oh oh oh, thought of becoming famous blogger right
so firstly i have to have a few criteria
1. look hot- cz gonna have a lot vain pictures
2. miang enough- cz need to pose for vain pictures
3. vain- cz u see the main thing is becoming vain
4. creative- need to think really hard how to be vain
5. crapping- vain not enough must be funny and mean and bitch
6. good in english wtf- so make vain not too obvious and then everyone hates u
7. good with web designing

and i fail for all mention above WTF.
ok la so i decided to blog for boredom only la.
good day everyone.
rmb to do facial ok. WTF i'm so ANNOYING.


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