i jz realized i donch know how to make a new post via the new layout T______T
ish, i think i'm super low tech and should jz die in front of the computer yay (refering to my previous post, imma change all the wtfs to yays)
so how is everyone doing lately, it's alright u can ignore this question my social network is so narrow i beleive i have met my whole world last night at soul out yay.
i realize that my English is so deteriorated and it scared the hell out of me so today i decided to write up something in English, hence this post is up. yay.
hmm let's see what could be the content of this lame post
maybe i'll talk abt how to start own business yay ?
i'm becoming a entrepreneur wei
and i'm so stressed and scared. it's not even funny.
imagine the stress.
it's not jz sitting for an exam.
we're talking abt a business, woosh. anyway i still think i'm too green for this, with no experience.
only 4 limbs one fat body and an almost empty brain.
what can i do big ?
zong zi it's not easy.
and the interior designer is seriously making BIG money i tell u.
come to think of it, mayb i should jz use that amount of money and get some interior designing cert, then i'll make it big yay.
arh, lately so many ppl getting married.
i wan oso.
but mainly is becz i donch wanna stay at this place.
sometimes i feel lik i have tones of u know..dark dark secrets.
i jz am not satisfied with my life now.
end of this post.
so what did i say at the beginning of the post ? will be talking abt starting own business right ?


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