it feels so bad when u drank too much

ok so went Luna Bar in town with a whole bunch of people where 60% of them i duno.
farewell with the host whom i'm not really close with.
seriously talking, i met him at most 3 itmes but i'm amazed by the passion he has towards my boifriend wtf. so obviously i was there becoz my bf is invited la.
i drank so much that i tot i was out.
the feeling is so bad that i couldn't even possibly described through words
cz u see har, my english is very limited excess.
and i dun wanna learn DOWNYANG plagarised other ppl's stuff
and i'm so sick of the citation yo wtf.
enough said, i was too sick until the boyfriend removed make up for me hahahahahhahaha
so memalukan i'm not a good drinker arhhh......
and my pee stinks !!! yucks.
pictures later if i feel like it wtf. so sian.


-xin-tiff- said...
September 13, 2008 at 10:32 PM

Why u always drunk when we went to bars one?! Aiyoyo. U drunk twice in Luna edi larrr! Summore say wanna accompany me wor! In the end, I cari kaki my own okayzzz! LOL!!

Lousy drinker lar u!

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