HELLO everyone !!!

been a few days since i last blogged ?
din do much thing, and then holiday just ended lik that.
great lo.
wasted my young life.
sigh, hopefuly when i grow older, i won't slap myself and regret for the way i wasted my young life lo. went pd for holiday and hurt my righty foot when playing futsal with the males.
sigh y is my life so sad. hahahahha but the game was fun la, my 1st attempt for soccer and i goal twice wtf ?! hahhahhaha so pandai can
ok so i'm trying to evolve my blog la, at least i uploaded the 1st ever picture right.
sigh but i'm a low low low tech person, i duno how to edit the layout and all, tried once for the stoopid multiply and it looks lik shit now, worse than the original one ok damn kesian.
ok 310 and 312 i damn scared ok.
sigh ....... pls pls pls lemme pass.
D i oso dun mind already please.


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