i'm back with something

hey i confirm going to HK already yay/no yay.
duno happy anot, cz following william's family.... lik so awkward. ppl family trip and i alwyas tag along.... den cannot simply kiss when i feel lik kissing him, sigh cannot simply throw tantrum cz later the parents tot i really bully their son how? i alone one ler, they all have power of the whole Ng family lor. hehehehe.
those company really pandai, hike up price during super peak season hor.
one freaking 5D4N stay cost 2300 bucks sigh i wanna faint.
i really dun wanna go.
becoz if i wanna pay for the trip, it's so not worth it, if i no need to pay, i damn pai seh.
i'm not showing off la, but the bf insisted i should follow, the way he said was lik i'm not an outsider so i dun hav to worry abt all those unecessaries.
sigh.... he is being insensitive la.
he is nv in my shoes so he wouldn't unerstand i guess.
but i really appreciate him talking like dat, cz makes me feel very warmth. but he could nv understand wat others think of me, in his eyes, even if i farted and stink lik shit, he wouldn't tell others and laugh at me.
he said he would sponsor me everything. i dun hav to spend a single cent.
his company sponsor my travel fare, and he sponsors my shopping.
.............. how can u not melt u tell me.
he is the bestest !!!
BUT how can u spend money from someone so good lik dat ?
u see har, if u spend someone's money other than mom's it's weird.
lik kek kek dei..... dare not to buy so much.
so pretty but over price dare not say want......
sigh ...... i duno
i appreciate his offer la really... but ...
sigh nvm ...
duno a.......................... talk lik dat lik showing off
den would get respond lik, offer to u ma good la, still wan complain wat oso duno wtf
the feeling i'm trying to say is lik ......... pai seh.... but proud la... i duno too complicated i guess
aiya nvm la.


Doroshi said...
September 14, 2008 at 7:54 AM

Hey i read ur entry. Interesting. You have a wonderful bf and he willing to spend for u, that's a bonus. Not many guys out there would do that, coz he is able to afford that and also a way of showing u love, hope u r happy when he buys sthg for u. :) And i have to say u are a very nice gal, which unlike other gals who likes to take advantages of their bf. So to me you are a plus point. Anyway...sometimes you should spend his money, not all the time la. Or else he might feel a lil offended. hehe
If u think u feel "paiseh" for him to spend things on u..then nxt time u can create or buy him a suprise gift or cook him a nice dinner. :)

Belle said...
September 26, 2008 at 1:13 AM

omg......... din expect someone other than my friend to read this blog.
abit shy wtf !!!!
erm... thanks. hehehehhe.
well yea, i'm not blowing own trumpet or soemthing, but yea the boyfriend is really good to me hehehehe. and i think i've spend alot of his $$ wtf !!
yeap, i agree when u mentioned about accepting when he offered. awwwwww !!!! i'm still so surprised. thanks dearie for ur heartful comment.

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