eh i wan oso !!!

list 10 sweet things ma right ?!
1. errrrrrrrrrrrr....... bought me flower when 1st time celebrating my birthday (died 5 days later) gave me the watch that he likes (he thinks it's pretty)
2. ermmm ...................................... brought me to korea. cz company got free trip. better than nth ma i know i know hehehehehhehe.
3. hold my hand, insisted to hold me in his arm when movie super sweet, but make me have sore neck.
4. i cried when movie has touching scene. he wiped away my tear, and the mascara !!!!
5. hurt me while playing, sometimes v wrestling.
6. banged my braces
7. bring me to badminton and then play with other ppl
8. i sick he went snooker with his friends after i pretended to be asleep.
9. obey every single words the mother said
e.g. belle said " we should buy a house",
william silent, "hmmmm...."
mom said" you should buy a house for future",
william then told belle "we should plan to buy a house"
........ belle ponder, whether should cheer in tear or simply cry.

10. nv smoke in front of his parents/family members. wiling to reveal true self in front of me.

did it sounds more lik 10 sour things ?
huh...... i tried so hard but cannot think of any sweet thing now wtf ?!
how man i panic edi eh !!!!!!
ok ok update later if i think of anything.


-xin-tiff- said...
September 10, 2008 at 2:34 AM

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA!! WTH!! U dam funny ok!!! Should be very sweet one lor u made it so freaking funny!!!

Bought u flower then enuff la summore wanna add died 5 days later!! *sweat*

Hold u in his arm during movie u still wanna complain sore neck. Wat theee....

The buy house one dam funny!!! LOL!!!!!!!

Belle said...
September 10, 2008 at 3:44 AM

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHH sigh. yea y am i lik dat a ?
make myself inferior only wtf hahahahahhahaahha
no la he is not dat bad la... but sometimes i so sour no ppl can see ma

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