hola i'm sorry

wa !!! ok long time nv update edi. weird babe soh nv shouted update this time.
mayb she die heart edi wtf AHHAHAHHAHA
ok so how am i doing.
i'm sick. so rare ok. and i lost my voice !!! damn sexy, i talked alot ytd in college, HAHAHAHAHA so fun talking wit voice lik this. but faster recover la, i dun wan forever wit voice lik this ler. pls pls. thank u. and i cough till shit oso gonna drop out anytime lik dat.
damn san fu can.
i think i dun have much thing to update everyone.
cz my life damn boring one.
revolve around the boyfriend only.
OH OH i went one u myself the other day.
sigh, haven done so in ages lor, since i have the boifriend, too manja edi
yea i know someone (soh) would say i have no life edi
and i'm the one to be blamed afterall !!!!
eh i improved edi ok........ i dumped bf and den hor went hor to hor LANGKAWI wit u all ma right wtf. one time only wtf !! hahahahhahaha
ok la.............
this raya i'm gonna dump my 3 best buddies here and fly to hk edi.
hope they have fun yo.
and forget me not !!!!! when u happily chewing ur food rmb me ok.
ok dat's it !!!
wa....... no now only friday, so fast asking ppl to miss me edi. wtf !!!!!
ok la... in case i din update la ok.
-the end-


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