i have a confession to make

today...... is the day. i'm gonna reveal my darkest secret of all......
u all might hate me since this post onwards... but i dun care really.
i need someone to spank me on the face and tell me.... ENOUGH U BITCH.
i have been thinking to blog about this long ........ long time ago.

but i have no courage.

i'm scared.

i iz scareeedddd.

so it started lik this..................

4 years ago, when i have already finished my SPM and blurly went to Taylor's school of so many hot chicks and studied A level.
i inferior........
cz they all so pandai make up, dress up so nice. hair long long.

aww i like.

so i started so many things.

i started to get to know so many brands, i din even know LV dat time ok.

wat is LV ?! huh.... din know ~ damn innocent. hehehhe no la sua ku la....

din know roxy din know quick silver.

i think my best shirt is body gloove which is still cheap dat time, den the other brand is that u nv heard of.

and den i started up skin care. wa.... damn fatt hao.

and den .... later............. it's make up.

my 1st..... 1st make up is a concealer and a mascara dot com.

no more, cz my skin ar, damn perfect. mind u, i used DAMN PERFECT !!!!

so i din need foundation and all.

hehehehehhe i still using the concealer wei but mascara edi disposed long time ago

cz damn stupid, lsiten to pro saying, MASCARA MAXIMUM keep for 3 months !!

so used abit den disposed edi. sigh. u know dat time i edi know estee lauder mascara ok, damn expensive, i think 80 buskcs a. sigh. but now even more expensive !!!!! siao. so i planned to shift to maybeline. but duno y those brands blinded me, den i used dior, den anna sui's, KOSE oso... all very expensive, 90 and above ok. so u count la, how much i've spent on mascara. sigh.

ok ok then ................... the nightmare comes........

over these years, i NOW have 7 eyeliners

8 cheeks color

OVER 15 different shades of gloss and lipstick

24 eyeshadows color.

3 foundations.

2 loose powder

i really cannot count how much i've spend on em.

i sin.

bought all...and barely use em. sigh.

so now here comes good deal !!!!

- estee lauder color platte 6 eyes color and 2 cheek color
- estee lauder eye shadow platte, 8 pretty eye shadow color and 1 old cheek color (i dun lik it, nv use) plus one box with mirror dat allows u to bring 3 pairs of matched eye shadow whenever u want to !!!
- 1 estee lauder sweet pink lip stick

goods above are in extreme good condition (as new) used once ONLY !

that's not all !!! still got

- 4 estee lauder make up brush (blusher brish, 2 eye shadow brush, 1 lip brush) (WHOLE NEW)
- 1 laura mercier lip gloss (WHOLE NEW)
- 1 clarins cute pink cream blusher (used several times but still in good condition)

wa so many things hor
i bought all these on impulse wtf !!!!

and i'm selling for RM 150 only ok.............
i bought them for duno how much la, u can see how spoilt i am. eh very nice ler buy la wtf. 1st time selling stuff so weird and shy wtf !!!! eh ask ur friend to come and buy ok.
one set only.
one good deal only.
1st come 1st serve (lik so many ppl really want it wtf)
no bidding (lik edi got alot ppl fighting for it wtf)

yea........ so this is my darkest secret la.
i cannot forgive myself for spending money lik this. sorry mom i sin.


-xin-tiff- said...
October 3, 2008 at 1:25 AM

wth?!?!?! Selling stuff at ur blog!? Want me to help u promote promote or not jek~

Belle said...
October 6, 2008 at 5:59 AM

AHHAHAHAHHAHAHA wtf no need i damn disgusting la selling things here sigh.

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