i am beautiful

i wish.

fuhlamak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! y is my holiday lik this one.
make me feel so freaking feel lik a piece of shit. useless. worthless.
y am i so negative lik this.
i am becoming so random.
and i'm so worry that this might interfere with my acedemic performance already

SO how does this this theory apply
oh then maybe i would answer by saying that "when i've become more beautiful then i will have answer to this"
ok now i don't know how did i get to this point.

i'm so bored.
boifriend's sick
den i have no life already ?! WTF Y AM I SO SAD
i think i sort of have the idea of y am i behaving lis this
i'm so traditional, i am so lik my mom
u see, when my mom married to my Mr. Chia and become Mrs.Chia at the most beautiful age of 21 oh wait mayb only 20 because it hadn't passed her birthday yet
she stopped working and then hav to stay home and become a housewife awwwww
and den she had babies
so her whole life is juz lik dat
besides her father, her 2 brothers, her son, and den now william
i think she hasn't been really interact with other guys
wtf mom i'm sorry did i make you sound gay
oh yea mayb some random men in market when she needs to buy things from them wtf

so i've restricted myself
and my situation is becoming worse
when you scoped down your friends circle
your scope is narrowed
and then you tend to think like a woman which is so bad to an undescripted stage.
i don't think i rely much on my bf
but i jz let him take control of everything
watever it is, i'm responsible to all of it !!!!!!!!!!
awww .... i'm sucha failure, but i can't help it

it's juz lik, when the bf sick, i would think it's so bad if i still hang out with friends or somethign
and it's nearly impossible to go out wit other guys
because den it's not loyal to him WTF AHAHAHAHAHAHHA i should be hung to death !!!!!!
Y AM I SO OLD FASHION LIKE AN AH MA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok i shall not continue ashame myself here
i think afterall i'm juz lazy to ask somone out.

ok tmr is the day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
waited for one good week


-xin-tiff- said...
July 21, 2008 at 3:18 AM

Did I read something wrongly? U DONT rely much on ur bf?? Harrrr??? I read wrongly or u type wrongly arrr? LOL!! U rely too much on him larrr...

ANd yes! U've restricted urself too much! Come hang out with me! I bring you out to see the beautiful world we are living in.

Bf sick then go visit him lorrrr. If not yamchar with his mum. Talk to his second brother. Play hide and seek with his youngest bro. That will be fun! Better than u staying at home. If not come to my house! And play with mocha~~~ I think he will not bite u GUAAAAA. If not stay at my house and look at me fat mou.

Belle said...
July 21, 2008 at 8:08 AM

not bad ar, life got u sure won't sian edi !

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