hello, this entry is here because i'm inspired by my beiber's latest entry abt friendship
i think my reply will be too long to fir the chat box so i just reply through writing a new blog entry here lo hehe

interpersonal relationship is always so complicated and it's really hard that some ppl might not master it in their entire life
some ppl are so cheapo that they don't have any friends at al.
it actually depends how you look at things
sometimes when you really are too busy until you din get to contact with some friends, it's really forgivable that they didn't ask u at the 1st place
2 possibilities
- they thought of you, but thinking you might be busy so just don't wanna make the afford
- they really forgot about you because they have been a big gang and u joined someway at the middle, for once, you all always hang out lik siaos, but then when for one time when u're busy they become the original gang again.

there are always some external factor that we are not in control.
i think.
friends, we don't need alot.
we only need some that really love us. really care of us.
but when you have such friends, don't too fussy about who take the initiative to contact who, or who would care about who 1st or stuffs like that.
if you do that, i'm sorry but u'll feel lonely forever. i think. hahah.
you must have to believe that, when you show that u're in some trouble, or u tell them
they will always... always be there for u.
everyone has their own business to be taken care of

sometimes being friends just cannot be too calculative.
and learn to accept and let go.
but some attitute that we cannot tolerate, we give up.
when they don't even care to make any afford to safe the friendship, we watch it dies.
but it's always easier to say than done.
friends, are memang a complicated issue to deal with.

wtf make me emo oso
wanted to chill ppl somemore wtf


-xin-tiff- said...
July 13, 2008 at 7:11 AM

Hmmm...dont think u r persuading me tho..hehehehe..

It's not a matter of calculative or not. When you are always the one who is being left out then u will know. Really not a matter of who contacting who first.

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