hello bloggie

sigh, dear blog, your existance is so insignificant.
so uninteresting.
so boring.

it's 4 am !!!! i can't beleive i can stay awake longer during holidays.
sigh, y i do not have this kinda stamina when i was suppose to burn for the exams huh y oh y ar
i'm sucha failure ok.
ok talking abt me, i'm a sucker. total sucker, i think i will never do what i have planned. or wanted to.
eg. yea part time job for this blerdy long holidays.
i spent time playing wii, online for nothing, eating like food is free, and then i duno. probably day dreaming unconciously.

ok, so i'm a sucker.
i can't sleep, i have nothing to do.
my life is so boring until suspected depression wtf. aww !!!!! so sad wei belle.
i'm noting this down, so for the next 10 years i can see if still pathetic or not.
ok i'm running out of the points now, wat am i saying again ?
i duno !!!
i'm crapping !!!!!!!!! ok this is gonna be a rubbish post.
well ..... right, erm.... ok phasionology seems to do well now. from the purchasers' point of view, our clothes are safe, nth too trendy too weird, just nice. hehehehhheheh. it's so funny it's like v r shopping for ourselves whenever v restock. fun !! shop and buy den others pay you back, with extra tips whahahhaha muacks, love you ppl ! visit more ok
duno how to do the link but: phasionology.blogspot.com

Michelle is the bomb baby !!!!! she is by far the most artistic person i've ever met.
literally artistic and PRODUCE beautiful stuffs, not like forcing ppl to say their thing nice dat kinda geng you know.....
oh there is something i wanna blog about, rmb cindy the MDG, i used to like hate her so much becz i think she was like damn fake and xiao jie. like someone i know.
but den after i read her blog, well, i think i begin to change my mind, hmmm duno if it's being convinced or wat la...
everyone sure has their bitchy side, evil side. agree.
it just depends on how you wanna reveal it, whom you wanna kena.
and the capacity of ablity to be bombarded by all the comments from ppl around.
both that you know and you don't know.
all the while i think i'm brave enough to voice out wat i think, but guess it's not like that afterall.
in this blerdy real world, you would have to conceal your words ..........
and being 2 faces.
if that makes everyone happy, y not ?
i don't know.... i'm really shocked at what i think sometimes.
life is so difficult.
dealing with ppl .... the hardest maybe ?
oh no, mayb it's raising the child wtf.
that would be another topic to talk abt.

for now, i really hate kids.
like a lot.
they are. freaking. annoying.
the end.
oh ok not yet, and then i start to ponder, am i the bad person afterall, i stand for wat i think it's right, and stand up for ppl whom i think they are right, voice out for them, but in the end, others would think i'm mainly responsible for it, because i voiced wtf.
and when ppl started blaming, those that i stand for suddenly become neutral.
then i'm all alone, like i were the only one being furious from the beginning.
so, y being stupid.
just shut the fuck up and be a puppy belle, puppy is no harmful, go wit watery eyes, so even if you bite some John Stuarts shoes they won't ask for compensation also.
because, puppy is no harmful.
not purposely one, just teeth itchy. nth. puppy ma adorable fuck.
wa y suddenly i'm so aggressive.
ok i should not, i'm a puppy.
say no evil !!! *no evil*


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