man oh man, i can be a real good stalker ain't i
i don't know if ppl around me realise this crazy thing abt me
but i'm so obsessed with pretty things... including people. yes people.
when i spotted pretty person, i would really look straight to them, spot them whenever i think thye have chances to be there and so...
and i would really admire them... huhuhu... damn stoopid yeap.
but i can't help it.
u see, i said i chase after the ultimate beauty. i love to see pretty thing coz i couldn't see it in me.
..... PATHETIC LA yeayeayea......

i don't think i could get rid of this crazy bit of mine in a short while, if not forever hehe
i have damn skin now, y the jits just couldn't get lost already !!!!!
grrrrr damn irritating, they have been with me for over 2 years u see.... 2 years ok.
i have enough !!!!!!!!!!!!! get off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
damn sad looking at my face
sian already when ppl around keep asking wat happned to ur face, ur skin used to be so nice wan... huhuhu... yea stop digging my pain, i duno wat happened too. thanks for ur concerns
low self esteem
i feel lik i have nth now... i mean in me la
u see, gained weight, i think i'm becoming a 60 kg monster wtf !!!!!
and yes the damn face
and where is the brain. ppl who failed the mid term shit, bad bad feeling bad feeling pls dun fail me for the grade pls.... pls... nv feel so worry b4, cz i don't wanna take the same subject and go through the same damn torture again pls
oh yea tmr final wat am i doing here i duno wtf

hmm ... yea i think i'm PMS-ing...
is dat y i got into constant fight with the boifriend ?
poor thing, i'm so sorry ... i know u're not reading this, but i'm sorry i feel so bad for u lar dump me pls. no i'm kidding.
ok i think i'm having pre-exam stress
pre-exam stress plus pms plus pissing about the skin problem and den worry abot the weight
........ god am i gonna die soon ? i can't take dat much burden

wtf me... ok i'm being so pointless
some good thing...
my college babes are the ones i should really appreciate... they r so cute
and i really really hope they would still be the same after ten years
i don't wan it to be lik 2 years later when they contact me again
"Belle, interested in buying insur?" .............. ARH annoying...
dat might happen, cz someone else did dat already, direct sale, wanted to earn quick money eh.
hopefully they could succeed la... but too bad i'm not supporting.

sigh there are just alot of things i feel lik talking suddenly...
but i can't, gotta go back to do the damn revision.
good luck everyone.
hugs ~


-xin-tiff- said...
July 7, 2008 at 5:11 AM

HAHAHHAHHA!! Dam funny ok!!! I wont call u ten years later to ask u buy insurance one larrr. I only will call u and ask u go out spend money!!!!!!!!! Buy til POK KAI that kinda spending!!

Michelle Zyenn Teh said...
July 7, 2008 at 9:26 AM

i call u ask u pluck my eyebrows can? LOL!!! *hugs* all the best belleee we gotta work hard together!! FRIDAY COMING SOON!!! seriously LOL-ing at yor post..."dump me im kidding" hhahaha joker la u

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