for so long so long that i wanted to dedicate a post to you
but i shy
it's very reluctant for me to tell ppl how i get started with my bf
becoz somehow i feel sorry to you
... it's like... i've taken something from you, i beleive that was what ppl thought as well, and so do you. though you have never disclosed to me, but i know how much you hated me
but i can't ... i can't hide my curiousity abt you
in my eyes you are pretty
in my ears, you are a bitch
in my mind, i feel bad abt u
in my heart, i am so jealous of u
i know in his heart u can't even compete wit me bcoz u know y
and i dun wanna mentioned what u did to him
it's so funny when i read from your blog that how u nv intended to hurt anyone lik dat
lik what u said, big fat wat wat story tale lie (wa u memang lik to show off ur english)
u're definitely a person full of lies.
i do not like you. because i'm so jealousy lik that.

and yea i'm so idiotic to post up something like this.
but i cannot keep this in my heart.
i blame this all on the exam stess.


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