i'm so sian

so fucking sian that i wanna throw tantrum at everyone

i should get a part time job.

a note for my special someone: i feel lik i've spend my half life waiting for you.
and you spend your whole life having fun like a kid.

why am i becoming so shallow and vulgar.... hate to admit, but yea more stupid too

it's all chaos out there, advise is not to go KL
block and jamming everywhere
because of the politics scaldals
Malaysia, is a blessed country, free of almost all kind of natural disaster despite the unfortune tsunami and all.
but why the politicans wanna make things so ugly
and fuck them all they said just so don't make sense at all
i'm not specifying anyone unless you wanna admit and yea HANDCUFF ME fuck you
so annoying lor.
stop playing with the anal game la.
even if he did so wat !
you scare he will play your backside so catch him b4 he does izit wtf damn annoying

there were so many break in cases happen in my neighbourhood
broke into the house and stole good car at dark night.
it's locked gates mind u.
damn scary ok.
only few houses away from mine. scared.
and you don't wanna knoe how near the police station is
less than one minute drive.
you have something better to do


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