Another Sunday

Walaoooooo man....
time flies ! and it's now sunday already !!! can you believe it ? no i cannot !
which means... my europe trip is getting nearer !!!!!
so excited i'm gonna faint liao....
ok this trip is kinda gan zeong... becz i don't speak their language. e.g. France.
i sacred i get lost in the cities and cannot find my way back *touchwood* and then noone can help me becz they can't understand me !
i can only say bonjour wtf wtf.
so these weeks have been quite a romantic weekends la... teeheee... not bad kinda lik it when you have some personal moment. <3
but i have weird dreams last night... damn i hate that kinda dreams...
dreaming that my couple friends fought... wtf fought in my dream ! go away already
then i got damn pissed.
ish... dun like ler... i'm already not a happy person, in dream oso i have to get pissed. wtf.
really wanna bug me liddat meh !!!!

so i'm trying to sort out a routine in Italy la... Venice is a must go.
but scared very cold ler wtf.
then i wanna go... Florence, Milan, Rome...
duno got time anot... i think we got lik 5 days in italy.
ish ish ~
hope this trip can be a perfectly planned one.

can't wait for the day that i can actually shout out loud... u know the here i come phrase. teehee ~
miss me peps :>
bcz i miss u all.
ta !


hey peps... ! *waving frantically*
aww i'm so sleepy...
i heart working... it makes me feel lik i've used my brain,
but bcz i've not been using it for a while,
there were few moments where i blanked out abit
and can't seem to understand what people were talking.
ok i believe i will become the world fastest typist.
because this work jz require loads and loads of typing.
kinda enjoy the learning process.
ppl there are generally nice, haven sense any politics jz yet.
*fingers crossed*

so i had a wonderful weekend, went Bird Park to try out photoshooting.
wanna go more more and MORE place to take pics.
but oh well...i gotta say, my skills sucks.
few pics for ur view hehe.
i think it's better not to shop and watch movie only, go and hang around this kinda places. :> it can be fun.

boifren was super lovely kay, willing to bring me there.
sacrifice his nap.
i'm so pampered. <3
mayb going there on every weekend wtf hahahha.

2 updates in a day !

hey yo so in a talking mood but no one to chat with right now.
jz came back from a birthay celebration.
dinner @ Nagomi/Nagoya/Na-whatever
food are nice :)
and quite reasonable !!
eh it's really worth trying ler, with HSBC credit card you can even enjoy a 15% discount for meat muahhaha. i love surprises ~
5 of us dined in only RM142 !!!!!
wow ~ hoho.
they have brances in Jln Yap Kuan Seng, Jaya One and Hartamas shopping center :)
picture later.

i think i made a bright decision not to spill everything
cz it seems that everything is fine today :>
i think often my thought was restrained so that i was thinking in a negative way
when i din really mean it.
well actually, sharing camera is not a bad thing afterall.
u get to capture the beautiful side of a person :)
and heck, that makes me happy too ~
good night


haihz. i know i have repeated this a hundred times.
but i really don't know what am i gonna do with it.
why ppl eat and i also eat. but i would become lik this one.
uber fat ok.
i gained so much weight that noone can ever recognize me T___T fml fml
boifriend has been complaining on me gaining weight ever since.
ok, totally my fault.
gonna lose 5 kgs b4 i go UK.
actually i'm jz praying to god wtf.
jz lemme lose 5 kgs by miracle.


good morning everyone, it's 9.15 am now. a saturday.
well i have to say i'm not an early person.
but whenever there's something stucked in my mind, i can never sleep well.
considering i slept at 3am this morning and wake up at 7am.
that's hell too lil for someone lik me T___T
so everyone should have known about the zero fare promotion from Air Asia right.
Just when everyone is so crazy over it, i'm beginning to have hatred towards them.
So tricky can.
they charged u zero fare but it's on some random shiatty dates,
and then so long more to go, and then and then the worse part is the rate change like the share market value, few minutes ago i was still looking at the rate, and then suddenly i refresh and the rate is NO MORE T___T
damn gan zeong booking for air asia.
so my friend called and suggested we went Langkawi cz apparently there's this zero flight thing and we paid 0 fare.
would u believe if it's only 30 bucks for 2 persons?
i wouldn't lo.
and in fact, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE lo
there's so many hidden charges ok.
tax is cheap nvm, then when u pick seat they charge u, insurance they charge u, luggage they charge u.
so over all minimum pay is still over 50 per person.
some ppl are jz naive.
some ppl jz always sit back and comment, no ideas but alot of opposals.
some ppl can nv bother to be left out.
some ppl only know to think of themselves.
some ppl nv bother to contribute a lil.
some ppl only knows to sit back and get angry.
some ppl jz pissed the hell out of me.

and u know what. i'm no longer the me b4.
i won't tell u everything to your face.
cz i'm so tired.
of needig to apologise and beg for forgiveness.
when apparently both parties oso at fault.
mayb it's jz me who think it that way.
but why oh why some ppl can jz fight and then patch back so easily
........ but it's nv been me.
air asia sucks la.
called to customer service 25 minutes and only operator talking to me.
then when i finally get to a real person, she asked me to leave my detail and call back within 24 hours. wtf.

Confession of a Shopaholics

ok i have sinned.
i bought the canon 1000D. i know i promised to save up.
despite the stage of no income.'
i still spend like i were a millionaire.
but i think it's worth it.
at least i haven regret owning it.
but what i dun really like is, some ppl dun have to spend a single cent, dun have to carry a single minute of the oh so heavy camera...
get to enjoy pretty pics and play with my brand new camera.
they would go like "hey bring along ur camera ba, i'm addicted to it already"
mayb i'm not generous enough to share my everything.
oh, spare me.
i have too many things which i don't like already.

Designers' Brand

so talking about this.
I have been stuffing myself with dramas and food lately.
Gossip girl is one of the it shows that i have been long to watch.
I didn't have any access to it then.
But lately thanks to i get to indulge myself with dramas to pass my meaningless life yay.

*haih this is getting so mafan everytime i have to backspace wtf and cahnge to yay, wtf*

and i'm so surprise that i can name so many bags that the girls used in the show.
and it kinda freak me, because that also mean my instinct is getting out of me.
thank you.
those are all the bags that i can't afford. at least now.
people don't use Gucci nor LV.
I'm not trying to be a hypocrite or something,
but seriously i'm quite sick of everything getting a LV and Gucci on street these days.
go to the mall and u can spot at least 19865845 ppl carrying a LV speedy or neverfull.
worse, some even carry a replica.
gotta respect their courage tho.
i used to tell ppl i would buy a slightly more expensive handbag becz i am fond of their quality.
but now i'm not sure anymore.
i think my chin was higher when i carry a bag that u can name the band and walk into a shop.
hypocrite hypocrite hypocrite.
ok i admit some of the LV and Gucci are nice.
i said i'm sick of ppl getting the same bag doesn't mean i don't like it.
and i might carry one in later days.
who knows.

all the while i think Jimmy Choo is doing a great job on the Cluth/wallet.
his design is young, sophisticated aiya donch know how to describe but it's the way i like it.

Filipa Wallet *drools*
ok la don't care if it's last season's cz i clearly donch know about this
i live in a country with no seasons. hokay.
and MiuMiu
donch worry i'm just DROOLING over them.
i won't have the money to buy them la ok.
they are my motivation to earn.


No it's not about Canon D. i'm not that literate. really.
Lately i don't know why, i become so obsessed with camera.
and it's not just some camera, it's SLR.
not only that, I also have a thing for blackberry.
donch know. i'm living like a millionaire wtf.ok i know control.
i'm doing it now, i'm just saying.
but... oh.... look at this baybeeee.....

hmmmm............. any better suggestion?

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