a thick skin post.

ok la i'm ASSUMING the one you talked abt is me ok hehe.
1st wai wat point, i dun rmb when do/did i ever treated you as a joker.
and that hurt me too. i've always be sincere to you, be real to you.
and for that you claimed that i treated you as a joker.
i have not treated you right ?
yeap, so i freaking scare of the dog, but still screaming yelling but go in that door for wat ?
i don't understand also.
everyone has their bad sides one ma, not like everyone is perfect also. so if i can stand you but you cannot, den aiyooo ... ur lost wtf hahahahah. ok ok sorry, serious cannot hahaha one.
So, did my "hahahahha" make ppl feel like i treated them a joker ?
sigh .... duno ler, nv listed what have i done also, mayb i perasan.
for so many times when there is unhappy thing happened, duno who was the one who took the 1st step, took the courage to talk abt the things. for wat i've rmb, majority it was I la ha, if i din rmb wrongly wtf. from the friendster LONG LONG msg, to face to face apologies...
at least i apologised ma... hor, sincerely one. at least i din pretend lik nth happen but den secretly angry and acted cool wtf.
at least i din hide. i think u're not right den i say la. den if i think i wrong i apologise la.
but den again, yea, everyone has different characteristic lo, mayb it's not you to apologise to ppl.
right right. but den when i apologise with "hahahha" doesn't mean i treated you as joker ma
i got ego also one, but den i have to surpressed it, so i use "hahahha" to ease my gan zeong-ness lor.
all the while i think, i'm older, i should take care of you, i don't know y also, but you r one smart girl, there is nth much for me to worry abt u.
i don't know lor, but after all the days that we have known each other, how i have treated you, good and bad, and den now u said u pretend to be listening to me. that's the hardest thing i've heard. just like if william said "i don't love you anymore" wtf !!! wanna cry edi.
hmmm, if you feel lik that den just forget abt it la.
let's just be friends lor.
it's ok, bearing ppl's secret is difficult also. it's ok for you to let it to someone else :)
knowing me 3 years, u know i fucking hate ppl pretending in front of me.
i don't wanna hate you. so you don't have to pretend that you're listening.
you take one step back.
i won't force you one.
ok la, conclusion is.
i can never be good friends with female izit ? wtf. ok so girls out there, say hi to me and i will say bye to you ok ?

ok, looking at this whole case from another point of view (childishly):
i just jokingly ask you to take cab den you angry and dun wan friend me edi la
den it's true ma, date vm got car, date me don't have, i nv lie also wtf.
so now u got car den dun wan me edi la wtf.
oh oh, den i edi told u i'm ok, sincerely offer to send u
u don't wan, den acted damn cool also (as in not lik ur usual way la)
not lik i'm gonna beg you to get in my car ma right ? or u really want it wtf?
erm.... ok la sorry, i abit confused wit myself edi.

eh eh ok, so if it's not me, den i replyon behalf of your friend la wtf
eh ok ok i'm not suppose to hahaha.
eh, sincere post.
it's 1.46 am now ok.
yea........ so y did i post it here a?
oh yea, scare u fall aslept edi, u know u will still answer phone even u're asleep, and den let ppl disturb u one. dun wan la i pai seh.
den, err... i think i dun feel lik talking to you face to face la abt this matter.
mayb it will be easier for you. to talk all things out.
oh ok, this post i damn careful wtf. 1st time double checked wat i wrote.
ok ok 2 am edi !!! yawn ~~


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