so all the while, i'm not that type of person who would blog abt what i've been through the whole day etc etc etc.
e.g. OH today i went shopping with tha boifriend, and we held hands lor, then we sweet sweet lo, then suddenly OH MY GOD the prettiest pieve of top juz popep in front of me, i was giddy of the beautiful design and you just won't believe how well it fitted on me wtf.
ohhhh.... i need to save money, so i told tha boyfriend, no i was not suppose to buy it, then my boyfriend hor, so sweet insisted i should buy, so i was convinced, at the cashier there hor, he took out his wallet and flipped out his credit card, OH MY GOD, it's a black card wtf. but i said i had to pay myself, but he just didn't let me.
aww i have the best boifriend in the whole wide world.

this is enough for me to slap myself edi.
i'm so freaking siannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
i should just go kill myself.
ok so i hav been thinking why ar i don't blog about all these, mayb i think it's not memorable ? oh on a second thought, no i don't think so.
mayb i just duno how to blog abt this thing, and sometimes i might have trigger different response from dfferent ppl, they may think i'm solely showing off if i blog abt my shopping day wtf. or others might think i'm a pathetic spoiled slut who only live for shopping.
ok ok i admit, i just don't have something special to blog abt.
my life is not happening at all :(
i've wasted good 2 months doing nth. mayb i'm afraid to face whatever that i should go and deal with it. sigh. i'm a coward. bastard.


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