why do i love my boifriend wtf

i'm sorry if it bothers you, whoever reading this hehehehe.
ok so ppl around me knows my boifriend is the ultimate william.
he is by far the best man i've ever met in life. except smoking and hyper active outings la ha :P
so i will cut the bushes and not mentioning how v met and then fall in love that kinda thing la
in these days and months and years that we have been together, he always try to entertain me even if my behavior/words threaten his superb man ego.
he tolarates at his best with me.
he let me humiliate him and return me with warm hugs and kisses because he simply knows i din mean it.
he encourages me although he doesn't know which is the best word to use. even he only knows to tell me nvm you have already tried your best.
he would da bao BR for me when i'm burning mid night oils and throw tantrum at him, becasue he knows i need something to cool me down inside.
he would hug me with joys and hold me with shaking hands when i gave him surprises :)
he would never refuse to bring me anywhere i wanted to go.
he would bring me to eat food i crave, even it's sushi for 3 days at a roll.
he said when i sucessfully lose weight, with slim arms and all, he would buy me BCBG dresses.... each piece cost above 1K ok. sigh, where on earth can i find a bf like this ?
each lil things he has done for me, i kept in heart.
there are of course so many more that i could not possibly completely include
there are so many reasons for me to love him .... but only 2 for me to get angry at him.
sigh, ok this post is for me to remind myself whenever i get angry at him ok.

sigh i love my boifriend wtf.


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