being yourself

is the hardest thing to do. because, it might makes ppl hate you, gossiping abt you and etc.
being ownself, is the most selfish thing one could ever do, i think.
selfish is human instict i think.
is it only me that being a pessimistic about human being and have no hopes upon them, even to myself ?
when you expose urself truely to someone, do they appreciate you being honest, or they would only focus on the ugly side you've shown ?
and that's the hardest thing on earth when dealing with people.
because they simply don't think like you do.
so, nvm :) why bother ?
just being sweet and they whole world would like you.
just being weak and the world would protect you.
just being quiet and people would not have anything to talk abt you.
so why bother being yourself ?
it's something that makes you look ugly.
oh well... mayb just after a while of pretending, you manage to convinve yourself that u r one person like that?
then it's not pretending anymore?
wtf i think i chi sin edi.
hmm ....... yeah, just start with laughing with hand covering mouth wtf.


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