so cute

arh so cute my new layout <3
hello it's me again !
hahha being quite active lately !
so today Travis Ng went back to UK la, flight at 9 am. i'm gonna see him in 2 months time !
so excited hahaha.
teehee not excited cz i'm gonna see him again, but the trip with ze boifriend ! arh ~
romance here i come.
i told him let's get married in France.
loser, i think this is the n times i proposed to him already.
yea i'm so shameless liddat. yay.
really need to save up for the trip.
arh talking abt the e-shop, i'm all geared up, but can't launch it yet
becz i have totally no idea how to use that bloody photoshop ouch !
feeling damn noob
trial and error hor, liddat oso doesn't work and it's killing me now !

so i've jz celebrated my 23rd birthday :)
with my beloved friends.
i feel very insignificant to my family cz they nv celebrate birthday for me T____T
thanks to lao ma, chiad, ck, huey syg. they really shined my birthday.
and of cz my dearest bunch of lengs ~ Tiffuhni Sorh, Zizizi, Michelle the zyenn, Vern.
muuah ~ loveeeeeeeeee u all
cake is so lovely !!! i like it so much !
and tadaaaaaaa
very rare, cz i'm posting up picchas !
oh well mayb not, connection too slow edi.
next time maybe woohoo ~


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