omg i duno how

met up with Joe and Gil the sweet couple today after tut.
sigh, so sweet la looking how they interact with each other, reminds me of how the boifriend and i used to be. sigh i missed those PDA times..... now it's lik a plain, tasteless couple edi
so sad la ...

talking with them is so inspiring... how the relationship should go...
everyone has different expectation when they are involve in a relationship right.
it's so difficult to just find a soulmate that could fulfilled everything that you would look for in a person.
so hard. so difficult.
read through a few blogs... wa the language they used is like so geng !
cannot... must update myself edi.
with the voucher i won from poster defense, (Jan 2008, 303 REBT). gonna buy a fiction and read lik mad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
spend less time on9 and just read !
sigh .......................... belle...... it's time to upgrade yourself and downgrade your weight already

thank you bye bye. cis.


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