i don't understand

stress stress stress and stress
tha't all i can describe about my life now
3rd year of studying is definitely not easy to me.
why am i here, i'm suppose to be doing the gok dam assignment, comparing the APA codes and APS codes of ethics.
i'm suppose to know 'em so well that i could sue the stupid authority someday izit.
i'm so exhausted
the more i study i more i blame on my stupidity
i'm becoming so stupid that i don't understand what i'm suppose to do
i don't understand what am i studying.
Dr. Fulton, i will defitely remember you. because i made me feel lik i have been truly studying on my own ~ is that the culture you're from ? you solely blame all your unprepareness to... not your area of expertise ? well then you can just don't accpet the job at the 1st place if you think it is not your area of expertise don't cha ?!
it's so funny cause you talk lik a 15 years old boy.
you are making everyone walking around the bush and back to the origin.
but thank gok, i have great members. they are so helpful and smart.
i'm stupid ? nvm ! i have 'em to help me and of course that motivates me even more to try my very best and work up to their expectation.
but one thing working with smart ppl is not easy becaue i feel inferior so easily.
i hate myself. cis.
i think i would make a good stalker, been stalking someone for long.
which make me hate myself even more.
Belle, look wider. further. wiser.

it is so embarrassing that i broke into tears in college ytd. *KIMCHI !!*
and i shall remember what they said to me.
anything happen, they will be there.

makes me wanna cry even more.
i love 'em.
and my boifriend.
y am i so weak. cis.

ok back to work byebye.


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