i'm always in love hate relationship wit myself, seriously.
why so ?
i love my life because it is surrounded with so many lovely ppl !!!
they really love me unconditionally !!!
they still stay with me despite my super hot temper and sudden mood-less stage !!!
and they have been spending alot alot alot alot of $$$ on me, which make me feel so hang fuk but at the same time very guilty.
that's why i am so determined to work during my 6 weeks holiday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i duno... i jz feel lik earning abit to cover up my expenses.
sigh you have no idead how much i've spent over the half year....
siao i tell u
siao !!!!!!!!!
i'm spending lik i were a millionaire !!!!!!!!!! which is an extremely BAD BAD THING
bad belle
bad !!!!!!!!!

so that's how i started to hate myself u see
i'm constantly lazy and self concious !
assignments ? bah !
mid term ? no fuck
.................................. i'm so chilling ! which is another exterme bad bad thing !!!!!

i duno... i guess for now, all i can do is to pray ! pray really really hard that i have luck to pass all the tests with flying colors !
ok ?!
pls ?!

please please pretty please hu huh uhu huh u

the end cis.


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