my ultimate goal

my ultimate goal is to become slim and to look pretty
just in case you don't know, i am definitely not a born beauty.
i was fugly back in primary school until form 3.
why ?
because my BMI was blardy high, 30 maybe ? i don't know. heheh.
it's so fat until the big bros will bully me, friends will ostritcize me, parents will ask me not to eat so much anymore. wtf... damn cruel. hahaha.
but that's life.
don't judge book from it's cover ?
beauty is not important ?
no, they are so not true, people wouldn't wanna beleive that an angelic looking girl is a biatch
but when they see a girl with ugly face and is a biatch, they would hate her more easily.
too cruel to be true.
makes me so emo because reminds me of the past wtf hahahaha
and what have i been working to approach my ultimate goal ?
constantly eating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm a serious stress eater, i need counseling !!!

ok no mood bye bye cis.


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