18SG: Fuck permission

sorry for the french.
but i really hate it lo. i'm so pissed i've been sending emails to Caryl Rusbult asking for permission to use her questionaire and i get no reply. HOW MANY MONTHS ALREADY WTF.
so now how i have to change to another set of questionaire izit.
my lit review did nice nice edi and now i have to change half of it la izit arh !!! i hate u !!!!!
u ruined my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wtf wtf.
damn pissed.
i really hate erb lo. i will never let myself get into the field of psychology anymore.
pls !!! i swear every night it gives me nightmare lo.
eh nowadays i'm so into blogging i duno why muahhaha perhaps i'm so bored at home and i have nth better to do. lifeless uni student wtf !!! i would be so regret for wasting my youth like that i swear.
this morning i thought of some interesting topic to blog abt one but i forgot what izit.
so nevermind that.

that aside, i think i need a new labtop. laptop ?
wtf !!!! i should have work harder to practice my spelling already damn sad can.
i think it's infected with virus but my expired pc-cilin can't detect the bloody new virus.
whahahha too kiam siap to spend on anti virus.
especially for IE, when i tried to open a new tab, den it would jz close down itself.
poof. just like that.
everyhting that i'm viewing, gone.
damn which ever it is.
arh !!!!!!!!
eh HP had been working with Vivienne Tam (some famous Fashion Designiner) and just launched a new one laptop, small, and it's RED WTF !!!
i think it's a combinition of fashion and gadget something lik that la.
i wan it :(
my labtop is so slow
i think it's daring me to kill it. wtf.
i shall grant your wish someday.


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