my bad

ok so i haven been updating for sometimes... not like anyone cares la...
but i'm just pretending there are alot ppl out there dying to see me updating my blog wtf sigh.
ok so i have been very very very procastinating.
which is really bad sigh.
did pretty bad for 302... it's suppose to be an easy test wasn't it?
i tot i knew most of the answers wtf !
no luck maybe.... missed my acedemic performance during my early 11 years of education !
used to be really really good one...
guess god exchanged something for me...
when i was really fugly, HE gave me smart brain and good result...
when i fought for beuty... HE exchanged it with my good result edi wtf wtf wtf
am i really good at this kinda karma thing or wat
but nvm la..... enough to pass la.... ok.... if it's above average then good lo wtf
really wanna do it well one i'm serious.
this time i really study damn hard tho it's last minute again, but i feel how i concentrated i swear i changed wtf
guess i've been so emotionally aroused lately.
being in a relationship is seriously with pros and cons lo.
i wish i have realy healthy relationship la.
but since the begining i edi built up really bad habit.
i spoilt my boifriend i guess.
karma !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
being too tolerance.
being too sweet.
being too fake wtf.
regret edi. should i end this and go seek for another one.
u know habit is really hard to be changed right, so find another one den start over again
since i learned the lesson edi lor hor
i seriously dun feel happy when i see him or get his call already.
i need some respect. don't care if it's childish.
full stop.


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