addicted to typing !

hello, all of a sudden i'm addicted to typing !
i'm so lack of sleep yet yet yet still here updating my blog, during the time of the semester.
hoho i had abit of gin and i'm abit of the blur now, boohooo why am i such a lousy drinker !
literally abit lo...................... i think 5 ml only ? wtf ?
red lik red color wtf HAHAHHAAH
oh been doing charity lately away cosmestic before they expired !!!!
so girls..... must use very often ok. !!! expensive one a !!!!!
since i never use it...... so give it to someone who does lo right.
but i damn pin sam one... only give to those i love lo ok.
actually i really damn kiam siap one...i won't cin cai give things to ppl...
unless those i love.
i think i grow up thinking that love or hate, must have a very obvious boundary.
i damn bias one lo seriously.
wa ! my whole body turn red no kidding !!!!!!! allergic ar ? dun ler......i love gin !!!!!!!!
hmmmmmmmm.... so har..... the other day my Beiber soh said she wanna save money eh, dun wanna spend on clothes edi !
ahhahahahhahahhahahahhaha i had the determination oso when i just came back from hk
but den now i have shopping urge edi
i need to shop for new bras..... panties ........ leggings !hohohoho.
shoes oso !!! am looking for killer heels !!!!!!! wtf wtf
how la lik dat huh.
damn broke edi ok.
sigh nvm buy vincci/nose. sigh. spotted a really nice heels at Nose, hope it's still there
the best if got sale wtf !!!! hahahahhahahahha
man ....... i really miss shopping in HK ...... sigh
but den no won't go there in a short while la.......... lik wat william said, use the air fare and hotel's money to shop in malaysia more worth it right.
got point !
but things in HK are nicerrrrrrrr how !!!!!!!! they do shipping anot ?
i love forever 21 websites !!!!!! omfg so pretty !!!!

oh ok ...... a total non related thing, i bought a mineral powder from some blog the other day
selling at dirt cheap pric, i never tested den quckly order scared out of stock wtf lik damn rich.
but den the color doens't suit me................. booohoooo tot wasted money edi one
but den the very kind blogger let me do exchange yeah ! when i was still happily thinking how lucky i was......... i noticed the expired date at the bottom of the powder box !
JANUARY of 2009 !!!
wtf ?
hey yo you see i got this powder only middle of september lo ok !
so now i can ask for ful refund ! but den blogger never reply the address
they said they were sorry that kinda thing, but den they also revealed that the supplier was some famous blogger (the one who like CHEESE very much and den funnily participated in some duno where dream girl contest one) so there is very lil they could do. sigh. rugi ler them.
but dun care jz give back my money so that i can buy bra wtf !
ok i damn blur edi bye bye.


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